LEFT BEHIND IN A FIREFIGHT IN AFGHANISTAN GoPro Cam video taken off a dead 2 days ago   02:16

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A soldier is separated from his squad during an intense firefight and left only with the support of a single ANA troop.
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Thanks to CharkhTankENT for the video!

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Falcon 1
You have to admit that there is a certain degree of pucker Factor when faced with this scenario like this. To what degree of pucker Factor one might ask? Well let's put it this way, anything that might have attempted to pass through at that moment got squeezed so tight the carbon molecules in it turn to Diamond. Yet he still gave them hell.
Sultan Khan
He fucking shooting in walls lol
Will Fiero
What a beautiful rifle!!
Juan Van Steyvoort
Always the same problem : can't see where the ennemy is...
That's why we need to replace our brave soldiers by drones, with infra red detectors, so that he can detect where are the bandits, and shoot them all...
It's high time to adapt to the situation...
From Brussels, with Love...
Alex G
its seems that the US forces put themselves in very risky situations and they dont seem to PID much at least in these videos. Absolute hero here this guy is a true example of bad ass american bravery , good job!
How the hell he was left by his team?
Troll Theory
This guy needs to be noticed
Troll Theory
*No man or woman left behind...*
Raw cones
1:05 fuckin class
I got left behind on training... straight up... and it wasn’t fun, I can’t imagine getting left behind in a real fight is much fun... I smashed my driver in the face when I caught up to him at finex... I wonder what this guy did to his team?
Mystkal Diamond
Whats he shooting without aiming tf
Ali K
I love America, and respect the shit out the USA Army
That battle cry tho
Alex Lopez
God bless our troops💯
The Crow
This is how I play battlefield.
hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ?
Hell yeah! Thats a WARRIOR, son!
Alone and overwhelmed by enemy fire, his only response?

Makes me proud to be an American!
Fake Name
These battles are so confusing to watch haha
Gentle Cooldog
Wow this guy he must recieve the medal of honer
Josef Stalin
Always have your battle buddy!
Kenneth Bowers
If I was left behind the first thing in my head would be that but from the black pastor yelling...

"What's wrong with ya'll? Y'all niggas are crazy!"
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GoPro Cam video taken off a dead LEFT BEHIND IN A FIREFIGHT IN AFGHANISTAN 2 days ago   11:59

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