🇨🇩 DRC's Catholic Church DRC citizens residing in SA celebrate 2 days ago   02:55

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo's Catholic Church says the official presidential election results do not match what was seen by thousands of its observers.

Opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi was declared the winner by the electoral commission.

The results have some celebrating and others protesting on the streets.

Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa reports from Kinshasa.

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Samme Samme-nlar
Wow the most evil caveman politics organization in the world has become an election monitor!
Catholic church is a remnant of the Belgian Colonisation
Melania Trump
I'm a devout Catholic and believe The Holy Catholic Church!
Akil Bonner
Kick the Catholic church out of Congo.
Raul R.
Now the political change will come in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Good luck to the new elected president Felix Tshisekedi from Caracas, Venezuela. 👍

Maintenant, le changement politique aura lieu en République Démocratique du Congo. Bonne chance au nouveau président élu Felix Tshisekedi de Caracas au Venezuela. 👍

Ahora si llegará el cambio político en la República Democrática del Congo. Suerte al nuevo presidente elegido Félix Tshisekedi desde Caracas, Venezuela. 👍
Professional Hacker
shifa nabukeera
Look after your country and let out those so called UN and armies pretending to be helping Africa hut stealing from us .
Bright Lima
Black man and woman in the diaspora should wake up and stop following Christian west and Islam East this religion was introduced to devide and conquer you and your likes.
Bright Lima
Blackman and woman wake up from sleep now stop allowing white supremacist Europeans race and others to perpetually enslaved our own race and stealing from you in the name of their imperialist god for resources making life difficult for your own black race.
Ewan Smith
Some of the biggest crooks in Africa are the church.
Many poor congregations, never a poor pastor
Bright Lima
Freedom is coming ahead of us down the road and as for sell out within our ranks time for judgement is upon them they cannot escape from God's devine judgement.
Bright Lima
Congo must be free no matter how much cost it takes we must be free our land must be given back to us by those who enslaved our own race for the benefits of their European corporation and government.
Bright Lima
No matter what's going on in the Congo she must be free no matter how much cost it takes we must chase out colonial masters so we can have a better life and prosperity for all Congolese people.
Bright Lima
Europeans should leave Africa continent alone nothing works for black and brown people whenever they showed up in town.
Inez Qtaish
Worship ONE Allah , summit to islam true Muslim Religion immediately.
Bright Lima
If Congo must move forward they must find a way of kicking that Catholic church out of the country because white supremacist scum bag whose only magical thinking is death and destruction to NON Europeans race and others hide underneath it to destabilise the region so that they can continue to owned run the mines for European corporation and governments.
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DRC citizens residing in SA celebrate 🇨🇩 DRC's Catholic Church 2 days ago   06:08

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is on tenterhooks following the election of opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi.
He has been declared the provisional winner of the long awaited presidential election.

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