Back To Bastion: Returning Four Will These Men Make It Into 2 days ago   04:47

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It was once the largest British overseas military base on the planet, with around 114,000 personnel living and working at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan since April 2007. Now Forces News has been given special access to see what remains of a place that so many once called home.

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Riska Dwitary
Ok there is us error for the camp , you need to change the base layout and defense perimeter
Maybe for 3 month changes of layout
Tipu Sultan
Taliban Vanished this air base.
henry hurst
That mert blast wall art is really fuckin cool it's basically a piece of history !
Haroon pjr
i'm wharking her from afghanstain
Andre Gordon
Thats crazy when i was there it looked completely different its mad how much they've dismantled it
John Kaney
I was in in CampBastion for 7 months during Herrick 13/14... Strange feeling to see it reduced to nothing. Lots of memories, lots of coffee.
Nikolaj Kurjukas
Why not turn the base into some town for internal refugees granting housing and jobs? What a wasted space
game over
With out talking about the costs.. I am disappointed and disgusted in how dirty and messy the place had been left..

And their was so much that could still be used.. buildings, aircon units, pathways, hell even medic packs...

Now all that will happen is the sand pit will fill up with UK and US rubish.. so they have reason to still hate us.....

Not a good call army... you should clean up after yourself.. like you tell all the troops to...
Steve Cj
Giving back to those idiots it's bound to end up a total dump what an insult to our country's and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
Caleb M. F
What a waste. Put the refugees here
super natural
What is actually going on. We have more problems on our streets than a country That we have fuck all to do with, bring the army home and make Britain safe again please who Evers in charge. There's more ofa problem here in uk than there is there.
Totally insane, then and now....
rather showkat
baby its Afghanistan. .the graveyard of emperor's
Evil Mofo
We should have never turned over the bases. And we should have killed everyone of the mother fuckers walking the land. Laws and rules do not apply here.
Janey Ali
Waste of tax payer money
Batoor Khan
Afghanistan is the place where empires go to die..
Afghan baqi kuhsar baqi
Almulk ul Allah
Al hukm ul Allah
Carter P
God it’s quite sad
viking saxon
// What Do The British People Expect From Those Clowns In Westminster ,The UK Don't Need Enermis With Those Useless Barsdards Politicians in Westminster. , Tax Payers Mony In The Bin !!Sick .
Sam Clayton
Did I hear that right? 50 million to build and 300 million to dismantle?
Should of kept it as a active base!
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Will These Men Make It Into Back To Bastion: Returning Four 2 days ago   06:07

More than 10,000 young Nepali men have applied for just 320 places in the Brigade of Gurkhas this year. Forces News was given exclusive access to join a selection day in the city of Dharan, to see the potential recruits being put through their paces...

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