Back To Bastion: Returning Four Taliban Goat Attacks Welsh 1 day ago   04:47

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It was once the largest British overseas military base on the planet, with around 114,000 personnel living and working at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan since April 2007. Now Forces News has been given special access to see what remains of a place that so many once called home.

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Gulbahar Khan
How much money you’re government get from drugs in Afghanistan🇺🇸🇬🇧??
Gulbahar Khan
No one can’t win war in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 it’s lions yard.

From London
i lost my uncle who was a construction worker building this camp in 2006 Taliban attacked their vehicle ;( :( :(
I spent a year of my life in Bastion on two tours (2006 & 2010). I had a room there and went out to the various FOBs and Patrol Bases in Helmand. I was shot at numerous times and nearly blow up in a vehicle more than once. I was there when David Beckham visited and had lunch with him in a group. Very surreal to be there, an even more so to see it now.
Adrenalin Pump
The Jews (Cheney, Wolfawitz etc) and loyal Masons (Bush's, Blair etc) got rich from all these wars.
Muhammad Zeshaan
My dear afghan brothers, Kill all these murtads specially for the kunduz incident and flush their bodies down into the sewerage
bob f
They risk their lives for a country they believe in.( Democracy freedom of speech). Yet they lost their lives for a country of dictatorship and treason,
JESUSpuh will return
For killing Afghani and capturing their G.O.D, .some people born for stealing others property including their toilet also.
Mohammed Irfan
Obvious signs of defeat of British army
Sailele RoseWarrior
Bloody waste of lives for all who have served an fallen, not to count waste of resources, this is a repeat of Vietnam especially when politics have their hand in it!
Well done boys, and girls! Proud and greatful to all of you Brave souls.
Abdur Rauf
In 2019 entirely destroyed this camp hahaha
Ben Rodgers
600 flights a day ain’t busier than Gatwick unfortunately
kiera Middleton
I'm Craig kieras dad.i built those barricades for camp bastion. Blood sweat and bruises.what a waste of time.
Niska Magnusson
what was it for?
Riska Dwitary
Ok there is us error for the camp , you need to change the base layout and defense perimeter
Maybe for 3 month changes of layout
Tipu Sultan
Taliban Vanished this air base.
henry hurst
That mert blast wall art is really fuckin cool it's basically a piece of history !
Haroon pjr
i'm wharking her from afghanstain
Andre Gordon
Thats crazy when i was there it looked completely different its mad how much they've dismantled it
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Taliban Goat Attacks Welsh Back To Bastion: Returning Four 1 day ago   02:42

Welsh Guardsman (2 Company) attacked by a Goat whilst on patrol on Herrick 10 Aghanistan.

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