Scammers Thought They Were Foolish Refund Scammer Caught 2 days ago   34:18

This time around I had convinced a group of scammers my bank was so real - that they decided to talk with them (me) on the phone. Snagged a few hours from these greedy criminals who were targeting older folks. Watch the next call live:

Full Call........

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Minoxiis Gaming Official
I just want you to know that you are a god.
Gerry K
Lol, this is so good, Kitboga, you are so gifted, God Bless and keep going, your honorable
LOL LOL LMAO .. TOYOTA COROLLA.. I thought it was gorilla.. You forgot the cocaine .. LOL .. YOU HAVE the funniest personally. 😂
Hull Pop
What is the link to this fake bank?
some one should translate these
Did you give them two whelps?
"Your account is being locked in the next five minutes due to suspected fraud. We did find trace elements of blood in your Toyota Corolla off the south border of Texas." I lost it at that line... 14:40
L.R. Jenkins has the best chicken accounts XD
Bit of a weird question but what office chair is that? It looks so comfy. Love the content
Brent Johnson
Best one in a long time!
Lucho Portuano
This is so absurd....I FUCKING LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
david pie
Say Yes or No. "Yes or No!"
Daniel Luber
That was Fantastic!! You did a great job switching characters!! You took this to a whole new level of getting these scummy scammers to surface to the top. Great Great Job!!
That skill...
You are a complete legend x
That was god tier scam baiting lol
Matt Thornton
Always grateful when the bank uses the paper towel sweat test for fraud protection. Never fails to catch a scammer!
whitedragon 227
Dude, you are fucking hilarious!
Travis Martin
It’s great when you introduce multiple personalities. They get so pissed.
Lorianne AND Carl Swanson
do they seriously think Americans are this gullible?
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Foolish Refund Scammer Caught Scammers Thought They Were 2 days ago   16:52

There is a newer scam where they claim to be giving you a refund, but pretend to give you extra when you're in your online bank (ours is fake).This guy gets caught, and gets angry. Live daily on twitch:

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