Free John Deere Has a Bad Engine NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard 2 days ago   50:44

Hi Guys, this is part 2 of this John deere 318 that was given to us from a viewer so we could fix it up, in this video we get into finding out what the loud clacking sound is and if we can fix it, lets just say I did not expect to find this as the problem.

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dr, barry craig Garneau esq
Bunch of VW motors and parts. Rochester Ny Facebook Market place ad could not get phone number nursing steam burn pressure cooker blew lid. look good from photo
Bruce Wayne
Dude, at 47:05 I felt your exhilaration!! Been there, done that!
Awesome job!!! I don't normally comment on videos, but I enjoy watching all of yours. I especially enjoy the lawnmower/small engine repairs for some strange reason. I don't want to say I like when things go sideways, but I always enjoy the calm methodical approach you have when things do. Keep up the great work!
Bryans little Garage
Hello love your channel and I am trying to get my page going and was wondering if you could help me out with some advice and what video hardware you use. Any help would be much appreciated thank you. Can’t wait for the next video.
hilham 89
Alright I'm ready for the next video
Scott Gibson
For a small engine, it is poorly designed.
seen it a few times...those onans dont get enough oil up top and when left to sit one or two valves can stick just enough to drop out those spacers when you crank it over
poor engineering, on the bracket behind the clutch.......example ? you must pull the engine to replace the starter....!!!!!!     don't give up.......AND KEEP THIS ONE FOR YOURSELF you wont be sorry...!!!
no pin ,  leave alone. always pressure wash first;  work like a gentleman..
Mustie, FYI  you can usually get a oem service manual, on a cd , on ebay for about $25....I bought one and printed it out It was around 480 pages. A real deal for $25......also, oem manuals for the onan 18hp, is on the web for free....
Jesse Mier
Need more uploads!
Always enjoy and learn something from you vids. Thanks again Mustie.
Barr B
When I was a kid (now 70) an old farmer showed me a trick to achieve exactly what your attempting to do with the magnet. He used a long piece of thin flat steel, then after he got it into place he used an old speaker magnet, applied it to the end of the steel piece and removed the broken part. Worked like a charm allowing the steel to be placed exactly where he needed it w/o sticking to the engine block of other cast parts as your seemed to do.
E-man Deluxe
Don't stop till you are satisfied 😌
E-man Deluxe
Enter the operation room with doctor mustie1. Perfect view! Thoroughly enjoyed this episode Sir!
Marc Broadfoot
Just subscribed to your channel and loving it, did you finish the virago?
Mowers N Blowers
From adjusting the valves and some paint touch up to a full engine disassembly. That's just how it goes sometimes. Nice work!
Matthew Shivers
I love your videos, but 14 minutes into the video and I can see why he got rid of the tractor. That's a lot of agony and time just getting it apart! Good on ya though. Fun to watch.
Lynn H
I can't believe that you got it. Nice retrieval.
Jay Vee
I think a fair amount of us understand how much extra work it is to make a video and for that reason we greatly appreciate your time, effort, and expertise. Thank you very much!
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NO OIL CHANGES? Servicing A Broken Yard Free John Deere Has a Bad Engine 2 days ago   28:39

I picked up this Husqvarna lawn mower at a yard sale for $30 and the owner said it was not cutting well. lets put it up on the bench for a good service and find out what was causing it?

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