The roots of America's democracy problem Donald Trump's threat to dismantle 1 day ago   07:10

Minority rule is a majority problem.

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Political systems depend on legitimacy. In America, that legitimacy is failing.

In an earlier version of this video, we incorrectly reported the population of New York. The state's population in 2017 was 19.85 million people.

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Oh, you mean Democracy?


You mean our system is outdated, and we should change it?
tl;dnw: Many of the representatives in government were actually elected by people with bad ideas; this makes it very hard for people like me, who have good ideas, to seize the coercive power of the the state in order to implement said good ideas. What we propose is changing the rules to assist in replacing the errant representatives that stand in the way.
alex davies
Yo maybe republicans and democrats are stupid, why do you all feel the need to align with one party?
Jeff Webb
I gave up with voting. Frankly, don't really even care anymore.
Isn't it more a oligarchy..? It has just 2 political sides since it beginnings... The world is more than black n' withe. Peoples interests and problems are different, not just two-sided. Sorry 4 bad eng. Greetings from austria
Jia Liang Low
This guy is so smart that the gop would probably hate him because they are anti intellectual
ronnie. og
capitalism. next question
fuck you
you know what nation never had this problem?
pre-2011 Libya.
it was a strong democracy, with some of the most robust social programs in the world, let alone the middle east.
it was entirely built on local and regional democracy, united under a federal parliament system, with Gaddafi as its chief executive (like PM or president)
they had better healthcare than us (not saying much). they did the single largest irrigation project in human history, they had ranked choice voting, fair and free elections, a democracy that truly represented the people.
but they had a plan to introduce a gold-backed currency (gold dinar) to africa to help all african nations get out of debt to the IMF and world bank, to stabilize all their currencies and allow them to have democracy too. this was a threat to international finance cartels, and (despite """our guy""" being in office) Obama toppled their government and slaughtered every last libyan republican, socialist, communist, etc. to stop the libyan dinar from happening.
now libya has open-air slave markets, it is a hotspot for terrorism and radical islam, it is a chaotic and terrifying country with little hope of ever having a democracy the way they had before.

Nelson Mandela called Gaddafi "the man who is bringing peace and freedom to africa" and Obama murdered him in cold blood for the benefit of international financiers.

if you would like to learn more about this, check out the article i've linked below. for a deep dive, check out the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.
Lynn Smith
Your political system is broken, one man/woman - one vote is true democracy. You also need more choices.....2 party system doesn't work, just breaks up the nation.
Veronica Warren
The way America is being ran is really no different than having a king and queen . Here is why . It's the fact our freedom of speech is taken away from us by law enforcers , Lawyers and judges . When people are silenced then that is making our constitutional rights mean nothing . Therefore better off risking having a ruthless king since all politics seem to do is cause war and make choices for us and pass laws that get people killed . War is caused only and by only the damn leaders . Not the people the leaders . Kill the leaders and another snake rises up to take over . If only the thought , meaning and action of the word greed was removed from human existence . Humans would be better creatures . Aggression and anger would still be there however its ok to have that within us . But delete the thought of greed of any form , Humans would in fact be a better race .
How does this guy look both 26 and 56 years old at the same time?
Ella Sterling
This ought to be good coming from a Jew who hates America and wants open borders. 🖕🏻
Avishai Barukh Ze'ev
You're gorgeous Ezra Klein! 😉
Lytlo Charlotte
Not the democracy we thought we deserve,
But the democracy we needed
Barthalemul Fargus
I hope we are undemocratic since we are a constitutional republic🤣.

Figures the considering you want to do away with the Constitution that protects our rights.
Travel Rhapsodies
Vox, doing what they do best, hard-hitting, objective journalism package in a neat little package :) keep up the good job!
Kendall Fort
It can still work, if and only if we break away from partisanship. Im a strong conservative with many bridges to liberal ideologies. Open mindedness will win the day
Abdul Rehman Khan
your eye glass's power is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO high
Jonathan Quigley
The revolution is coming
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Donald Trump's threat to dismantle The roots of America's democracy problem 1 day ago   03:52

NATO has helped keep the peace in the Northern Hemisphere for more than half a century. Donald Trump is threatening to dismantle it. Read more from Vox's Zack Beauchamp:

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