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"I think that you have to be vocal. To be honest, this is one of the things I am haunted by. I think so much about what else I could have done or what I could have done differently. Maybe if I flipped over a table or grabbed somebody by the collar; there is nothing I would not have done to save my wife. My stance was, if I escalate I would be seen as a threat and if I am removed from the hospital, who would be there to advocate for my wife? ... She was my primary concern, I was doing my best to assure her everything would be okay even when I wasn’t sure that was the case."

Charles Johnson IV’s wife Kira Johnson died on April 13, 2016 -- just eleven hours after a scheduled cesarean section to deliver her second son. A medical investigation found massive internal bleeding caused by medical negligence.

Kira is one of thousands and statistics in the United States on the maternal mortality rate of black women are astounding. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines a pregnancy-related death as a woman who dies while pregnant or within one year of the end of her pregnancy. The US ranks 32nd out of the 35 wealthiest nations on infant mortality, and those numbers are largely due the deaths of black babies. Some 700 to 900 maternal deaths occur in the United States each year, and there are about 50,000 preventable near deaths.

Among 46 developed nations studied, the World Health Organization says only Serbia and the United States had maternal death rates that deteriorated between 1990 and 2015. This rate includes mothers who die of complications within six weeks of the end of the pregnancy.

So why is black maternal health in the US so bad? Researchers have identified two major areas. First, toxic stress that racial and ethnic minorities, including African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, experience - regardless of economic or social success - can damage their physical health. And the second? Medical bias from doctors.

On this episode, we’ll hear the stories behind the statistics, and find out what is being done to reverse the trend.

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Al Jazeera English
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C. Lincoln
Its because doctors in AmeriKKKa are racists, just ask Governor "blackface" of Virginia - he used to be one before he became a career politician. And its not just doctors; lawyers, DA, judges, teachers, pigs/cops, news reporters - white supremacist racists are everywhere and they are all individually doing their part to ensure white supremacy/hegemony lives on.
Tahirie Tahiry
Everyone is so against vaccinations but you go to the very medical centers that give these vaccines for your medical care? It's been obvious that these people hate and will let you die when possible.
Pearl G
It seems to me that, some people didn't watch the WHOLE program. They want to make negative comments. What a world we live in, many have too much hatred of others,too much ignorance,no natural affection,no empathy, judgemental, they want to decry the behaviour of others while they do much worse. The facts in this case tell a different account (NOT story). There's a word for people like that, Wicked.
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the number one killer of black people in america more than any disease or killings is abortions and the wicked way of the heart of the primary white government that allows these laws to exist exclusively targets people of color search on you tube maafa 21 watch and learn how sneaky murders can be when they plot on the innocent people and by praying on their ignorance and of course racism must exist in the medical field of america because it exist every where else and now God is beginning to judge america for her past she will pay dearly if she doesn't repent
No being black alone means you are a subjected target.
ivai nyamutsamba
It is a touching realization I hope and pray the maternal health improves in America
Black Americans killing themselves!
Ashur deKelaita
Seems like propaganda to scare Black women from having kids (and also to have abortions which we know there is a massive agenda for). But no matter what you try, God promised their seed would be like the sand on the shore and the stars in heaven. That is why Black people are among the most fertile groups, and that's DESPITE being underprivileged and also being attacked with water poisoning, economic disenfranchisement, etc. God keeps blessing them, and there's nothing the world and its lies can do to stop it.
MoorFreeUs Bey
Answer: STATELESSNESS and Inquisition policies are standard operating procedure against the undeclared Moors . Nationality is the order of the dey - Prophet Noble Drew Ali.
goshen product
So-called blacks in america is the most docile creatures on this earth. The negroes they just hate their own.the indigenous people and Negros WHO ARE THE REAL JEWS have more than enough financial and political power to seperate or creates, a superior social order than so-called whites who is far more inferior to us.why isn't there negro medical centers, or social structures. Their consumption of goods and services surpassed all other ethnicity in america so what's the damn problem? Unity under righteousness is being totally neglected so the negro is being destroyed in all things he sets his hands to. ALL NATIONS HATE US AND THEY SHOULD TOO, ITS TIME TO DO US OR DIE .america wasn't created to love indigenous and negroes on the contrary to do the opposite so why this super efforts to maintain this abusive relationship with america after all they have done in the past and continues to do, because our people are destroyed and despise their own.well wake up or die you choose. THE ONLY GOOD THING IS THAT AMERICA/SO-CALLED WHITE PRIVILEGE. /WHITE SUPREMACY IS ABOUT TO BE ERADICATED OFF THIS EARTH OR ELSE THE NEGRO WOULD HAVE BEING PERMANENTLY DESTROYED. ( HAIL HAMASHAYCH YAHAWASHI ) THE GRATE VICIOUS TYRANT DICTATOR NEGRO,DELIVERER ANDTHIS EARTH'S PURGE. GET READ TO MEET MR KILLY KILLY.
Tony Hsieh
No freebies and having to pay out of pocket for stuff???
Kale Flower
Most times the doctor do not want to wait for the women to have natural birth and do not want natural birth do not value the lives of the mother and the child. Cesarean sections can save lives, but many doctors perform C-Sections for more money.
Kiff 4free
Too much KFC!
Prof Kittens
The answer is obvious to anyone over 50 with an average to high IQ and a "real" education. Society has been dumbed down so severely that students are graduating with IQ's below 70 because teachers are forced to inflate grades and/or have given up teaching grade-level material, much less requiring reading that reinforces learning and ensures well-rounded, competitive graduates from high school.
Similarly, colleges have lowered standards so that a college education is actually at the level of what was taught in high schools 30-40 years ago to students on the career path.

ALL job fields are impacted! Nurses, doctors, teachers, electricians, all the way to fast food workers---none are able to do the basic jobs or provide services equal to those of earlier generations.
Everyone is impacted---especially the disabled, the elderly, and yes, mothers/infants. Calling it racism is based on insipid, lazy journalism. It is simply divisive and perpetuates more ignorance. It ALL COMES DOWN TO PROFIT! With the largest number of baby boomers reaching retirement where they can actually claim social security---money extorted from them from years of working, the government will do anything to prevent them from accessing their money. Bad medical treatment is just another way the government wages its "quiet war".

The majority of those claiming to be "black" have more European ancestry than African. But, there is NO legal definition for race; and it is just a political tool used to divide the populous by corrupt politicians.
However, studies for over 70 years have continued to demonstrate IQ discrepancies related to cultures; which are also those with higher rates of poverty, drug use/abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, incest, as well as psychological problems (including PTSD). Having a porous border for generations allowed 12 million illegals to enter society and the continued hordes have ensured an even further decline ahead. Politicians (and there is only ONE party controlled by elites) WANT illegal immigration to continue. They want greater government dependency! Besides serving as distractions when they are importing guns and trafficking in guns/drugs/organs, etc., or invading yet another country, it ensures the masses will never have the power to overthrow the system and rid it of corruption. Similarly, standards for so-called "professionals" will continue to be worthless.
As a mother, I have encouraged both of my children to follow the increasing numbers of Americans leaving the US to work as professionals elsewhere. Not only will they receive better medical care for their children, they will also know their children will have a chance at a real education.
The United Nations doesn't are about people. They have been corrupted by the "elites" , wanting to depopulate us.
Invading another country... VENEZUELA, who won't "bow down to The U.S Military Complex BULLIES... Also Venezuela happens to have the world's largest oil supplies.
US invade whomever they want. .whenever they want and then have the controlled MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE AND LIE AND LIE!!
why not say what it really is? with the use of frequencies and microwaves as well as vaccines and medications, they can pretty much Target whoever they want!

Wake ip to the depopulation agenda...
FIND his TED Talk quote where he says they can reduce the population by at least 10 to 15% by using the above means.

Da Purple Pill
Why would she say all people have the same genetic makeup? Haplotypes play a major role in debunking that. Example; Campaigns of "milk does the body good" when 75% people of color are lactose intolerant... Being treated equally means you understand our differences. We are not all the same but we all deserve equal treatment that serve our specific needs.
mikey fry
God bless the sickle cell
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Plot in SA to Infect Blacks with What’s killing pregnant black 2 days ago   12:24

The head of a South African paramilitary group is alleged to have set up clinics around Johannesburg with the sole aim of "infecting black people with AIDS". To make matters worse "Maxwell" was not even a trained doctor, but rather a psychotic predator who performed unknown atrocities on unsuspecting blacks in South Africa!


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