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"I think that you have to be vocal. To be honest, this is one of the things I am haunted by. I think so much about what else I could have done or what I could have done differently. Maybe if I flipped over a table or grabbed somebody by the collar; there is nothing I would not have done to save my wife. My stance was, if I escalate I would be seen as a threat and if I am removed from the hospital, who would be there to advocate for my wife? ... She was my primary concern, I was doing my best to assure her everything would be okay even when I wasn’t sure that was the case."

Charles Johnson IV’s wife Kira Johnson died on April 13, 2016 -- just eleven hours after a scheduled cesarean section to deliver her second son. A medical investigation found massive internal bleeding caused by medical negligence.

Kira is one of thousands and statistics in the United States on the maternal mortality rate of black women are astounding. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines a pregnancy-related death as a woman who dies while pregnant or within one year of the end of her pregnancy. The US ranks 32nd out of the 35 wealthiest nations on infant mortality, and those numbers are largely due the deaths of black babies. Some 700 to 900 maternal deaths occur in the United States each year, and there are about 50,000 preventable near deaths.

Among 46 developed nations studied, the World Health Organization says only Serbia and the United States had maternal death rates that deteriorated between 1990 and 2015. This rate includes mothers who die of complications within six weeks of the end of the pregnancy.

So why is black maternal health in the US so bad? Researchers have identified two major areas. First, toxic stress that racial and ethnic minorities, including African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, experience - regardless of economic or social success - can damage their physical health. And the second? Medical bias from doctors.

On this episode, we’ll hear the stories behind the statistics, and find out what is being done to reverse the trend.

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Pierre Parillon
Y'all too blind to see the truth they are neglecting the black pregnant women because the racist people in the U.S. are trying to decrease the black race or wipe out the future generations of Black people in America.
Батька Помидоров
Love black girls ❤️
Kimyatta Moore
I’m a very Lucky woman and i”m American woman and I never got pregnant and im 29 years old and I have my tubes tied and I’m very happy and I’m single forever. I’ll never get pregnant 😀
John Humphrys
This um racist she so full of shit calls every thing racist.

The most dangerous time for a american black is from conception till birth then still not out of danger .blacks have aborttionist murder there own babies the most out of any othere race. Or ethicaty in the usa. Talking about exscuses dos not help the problems own up to your own mistakes 80% of moms that had there baby killed Eventualy sufer from sever depression . thy can live with that for most of there life afterwords . and they can ask god to for give them if they not comited murder then there would not of been that grave sin . if they continue to use abortion as a contraception. ? Its not a contaception its just sin of murder! This bimbo claming racisam is why she and othere black wemen sin adultry then sin murder butshe a victom of raceisum .here compase is out of working order. Ya she is lost out to lunch clueless
PancakesAnd Wine
Great video. Thank you so much for making people aware.
Michelle Spiritual
Good, although distressing show, but I couldn't understand some of the people talking. The audio wasn't clear.

I shouldn't be surprised about this. It's terrible in hospitals. Even I was treated poorly in Toronto, ON in a very well known hospital when I gave birth. The nurses were BITCHES. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I'm not black, but I look Latina. I don't know if that had something to do with it.

C. Lincoln
Its because doctors in AmeriKKKa are racists, just ask Governor "blackface" of Virginia - he used to be one before he became a career politician. And its not just doctors; lawyers, DA, judges, teachers, pigs/cops, news reporters - white supremacist racists are everywhere and they are all individually doing their part to ensure white supremacy/hegemony lives on.
Tahirie Tahiry
Everyone is so against vaccinations but you go to the very medical centers that give these vaccines for your medical care? It's been obvious that these people hate and will let you die when possible.
Pearl G
It seems to me that, some people didn't watch the WHOLE program. They want to make negative comments. What a world we live in, many have too much hatred of others,too much ignorance,no natural affection,no empathy, judgemental, they want to decry the behaviour of others while they do much worse. The facts in this case tell a different account (NOT story). There's a word for people like that, Wicked.
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the number one killer of black people in america more than any disease or killings is abortions and the wicked way of the heart of the primary white government that allows these laws to exist exclusively targets people of color search on you tube maafa 21 watch and learn how sneaky murders can be when they plot on the innocent people and by praying on their ignorance and of course racism must exist in the medical field of america because it exist every where else and now God is beginning to judge america for her past she will pay dearly if she doesn't repent
No being black alone means you are a subjected target.
ivai nyamutsamba
It is a touching realization I hope and pray the maternal health improves in America
Prince of Buganda
Black Americans killing themselves!
Ashur deKelaita
Seems like propaganda to scare Black women from having kids (and also to have abortions which we know there is a massive agenda for). But no matter what you try, God promised their seed would be like the sand on the shore and the stars in heaven. That is why Black people are among the most fertile groups, and that's DESPITE being underprivileged and also being attacked with water poisoning, economic disenfranchisement, etc. God keeps blessing them, and there's nothing the world and its lies can do to stop it.
MoorFreeUs Bey
Answer: STATELESSNESS and Inquisition policies are standard operating procedure against the undeclared Moors . Nationality is the order of the dey - Prophet Noble Drew Ali.
Tony Hsieh
No freebies and having to pay out of pocket for stuff???
Kale Flower
Most times the doctor do not want to wait for the women to have natural birth and do not want natural birth do not value the lives of the mother and the child. Cesarean sections can save lives, but many doctors perform C-Sections for more money.
Kiff 4free
Too much KFC!
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