Ukraine War: 6/3 RAW Pro-Russian Separatists Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle 7 months ago   07:56

Ukraine War Awareness
First week of June, 2015, marked an intense Battle of Marinka. Marinka, Donetsk, was then captured by the National Guard of Ukraine from the DPR, which is still Government-Held today. Marinka is 1 of the 8 1/2 Regions taken by the UAF since February 2015 MINSK II Ceasefire Agreement. CHECK DESCRIPTION FOR RELATED, TRANSLATED VIDEO'S:

- 18+ HORROR of Ukrainian airstrikes on Civilians -
- July 2016 Intense Battle of Kominternove -

From a strong analysis, the probability of the Pro-Russian Separatists being Russian Troops is very low. Mainly due to the strong Eastern Ukrainian accents they speak in. Russians use "G" for words such as "Govoril" or said, whereas Eastern Ukrainians use "X" or "H" such as "Hovoril", as exampled in most videos and here at 5:16 where he said "Podtyaxiviyimsya" instead of "PodtyaGiviyimsya".

Translated by: Ukraine War Awareness.
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Alex Harzhevskiy
They are already dead)))
Robert K
Fuck upa/bandera/stalin/lenin
Senan Hesenov
Azerbaijan spports Ukraine🇦🇿
Jean-francois Saliou
Freedom for UKRAINE...
Shikina Maddox
Its sad that us humans cant get along in such a small planet nd focus wars on bullshit politics and greed and corruption.when all we have to do is love god and respect each other and live peacefully together.but our race is so ignorant and stupid and worthless that it could never be done.its sad to see human life being lost on both sides by people who love their country and are dying for a few peoples political gain.may jesus christ come back soon and put an end to all this suffering and over human life that meaningless to these polititians .please stop killing one another my brothers and your eyes dont be blinded by hate greed and corruption.
WHEN ukraine will dead???....
Pohan Wali
Indonesia suport rusia
100 PostoBosanac
the aggression on Bosnia is similar to the aggression on the Ukraine, 92' the Serbs attacked Bosnia, and they committed genocide, that war was an attempt to ethnic cleansing Bosnia,they killed civilians and created an entity called Republika Srpska, as Russians are trying in Ukraine, I hope they will free your from Crimea, a territory belonging to Ukraine
Aaron Suever
Every video from Ukraine just seems like a really scary airsoft match. Its almost surreal.
Ricardo Thiesen
ALIVE UCRÂNIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricardo Thiesen
Viva a UCRÂNIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hassan Ahmad
I'm on Ukraine side 🤠
Taka Konobe
Damn that artillery sound
Best of movies & tv
Why dis u had to take american side...u bloody ukranians
Where did these guys get all that gear?
they need a new translator for this video when these soldiers where talking because this one sucked at the end
Вито Вито
Некогда вас простит донбасс, а потом визжать будите что порох виноват, он типа стрелял на курок он тоже нажимал, одно слово ул... Ки нет вам прощения за дитей Донбасса,
Marek Pająk
Pule w nogu?
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Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle Ukraine War: 6/3 RAW Pro-Russian Separatists 7 months ago   1:37:07

Extensive war crimes in Donbass committed by Poroshenko and his army of murderers from July 27 to August 14, 2014. Kiev's warmongers/Zionists continue genocide of civilian population of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. Most of the footage and interviews you will see in this documentary film have never been shown on mainstream media of any country including Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine: This Time, West Sides With Nazis:

On the evils of Zionism:

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