a day in my life in FL :) (tanning, bikes, workout REACTING TO HIS OLD VINES!! (Gabriel Conte 1 day ago   11:56

Jess Conte
wanted to film a day in florida with us :) hope you enjoyed it! don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already ♡ xx

thanks Jergens Natural Glow for making this video possible!! you can check out the tanner here: https://www.jergens.com/en-us/products/natural-glow/tropical-sunless-tanning-mousse/


Check out my brand, Harper & Willow! :)

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Chante Klopper
Hey Jess, how do you self tan your back? Does Gabe help you?
Linnie Hubbert
Does the self tan rub off on all the white that you wear and the bed sheets
Haley Faragalli
That breakfast looks amazing
Jenna Renee
jess i would love to know what your workouts are!! IM STRUGGLING!
Kate Reed
they are the sweetest and most genuine people i have ever seen
Kayden Martz
I live in Boca Raton FL too!!!
Dayanna Haroon
She's stunning! 🥰🥰🥰
Macy Buerhaus
Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is the video I keep seeing clips from in Jergens ads
Isabella Plyler
how do you tan your neck?
Hey Jess! I was wondering where you got the glove for your tan?
Funny how she is more detemented, more active more into working out than the husband
So Far Gone
One question I'm not sure anyone has asked or has been mentioned is: Does the tan transfer to clothes or the bed and does the formula smell pleasant or less than? Transfer and smell is important for me
Amber Smith
How do you tan your back?
Hannah Chaney
I'm sorry but for a Christian she's really not that modest
Angela H
What exfoliating glove is she using in the shower?
Nohaila Eyas'sb
Ur voice is so relaxing and calm
Cora Rodriguez
what exfoliate do you use before you self tan
Do you include your face when you're using the self-tanning? :)
Alexa Wilson
When did they stop being vegetarian? No shade, love you guys
Isabella Ruffolo
What exfoliation mitt do you use?
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REACTING TO HIS OLD VINES!! (Gabriel Conte a day in my life in FL :) (tanning, bikes, workout 1 day ago   18:48

Reacting to old "Gabriel Conte" vines 😂
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