Found a HUGE PROBLEM With Cost of daily driving a 7.3 Powerstroke 2 days ago   28:57

Taylor Ray
We start upgrading our new 7.3 dually with tow mirrors, and LEDS then we decide to boost leak test it because we know it's not making full boost, and the leak turns out to be the worst thing to fix.

Tow Mirrors -

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Jermaine Pittman
Dude your videos are amazing ive learn so much just from this video then i have from a shop💪💪
How much is your truck lowered, front/back? Are you running front drop beams? If so, What brand?

Evan Slattery
Don’t forget you can go to international dealer for most of the engine parts and components. Also price shop between ford and international
do you like the spike style lug nuts ? the cops would have a field day with tickets in my country if you drove around with those on a truck here lol.
Did you use WHITE LEDs on the red and in the orange? plastics? Use the same color ones. Not white.
Markus Luukko
Nice truck, I suggest getting a 08-16 tailgate and a 08-16 rear bumper, they sell them on eBay already color matched. You only need a driver side hinge for the tailgate, you can swap everything else over from yours.
Mario Betancourt
Klear roof clearance lights with LEDs is the move.
n ball
Take them dumbass mirrors. Off
kyle adams
could of sworn I seen this truck in Crystal River 🤷
Matt Fischer
Dude, how badly oil covered was the backside of your motor from the ccv vent going through the intake piping and intercooler, mine was pretty messy.
Matt Fischer
Did mine on an 02'. Used the riff-raff billet intake plenums, they have orings. Big difference in performance. Good luck, great vid.
Frank Fratta
Led headlights are no good without a projector
Kyle Sonsalla
For future reference for anyone interested, O'Reilly's stocks turbo install kits for these for like $20. Same contents as the Ford kit.

Use Riffraff billet plenums and never worry about it again. They don't lift, they don't bend, they look much better, and you won't crush the inlet with a T bolt clamp when you upgrade couplers.
Mike Smith
I bought new led cab light for my 01 7.3 and they are horrible, They are Anzo,s with the clear covers but the led lights are so dim. The regular bulbs are brighter so I'm looking for something different. Where did you buy the interior cab lights? Beautiful truck btw
Andre Gross
The problem is that you have 24 inch wheels.
Hmmmm , tow rig with tiny little mirrors.. Come on !
Trent Hughes
might as well do the turbo pedistal o- rings while you' at it!!!
Dylan Adkins
Best thing is to put the rtv on and let it tack up for ten fifteen minutes then just install them to the proper torque spec and be done with it
You have the later 05-07 6.0 front end those headlight housings take an H11 bulb. the earlier 03-04 6.0 trucks had 9007 bulbs. I made the same error cause my 04 has the 05-07 housings
Connor K
wheels gotta go
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Cost of daily driving a 7.3 Powerstroke Found a HUGE PROBLEM With 2 days ago   13:06

I wanted to make a helpful video explaining the costs of daily driving a lifted 7.3 Powerstroke. If your in the market for one and want to know how expensive it is to own a F250 7.3L diesel this video may help! I also talk about the advantages and disadvantages to daily driving a lifted crew cab long bed 7.3 and whether or not I think it’s worth it. If you have any other questions comment them down below!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

200 amp alternator-
Front grill-
Tow mirrors-
Afe air filter-
Napa 6637 air filter-
Air intake heater delete plug-
42” light bar-
Led back-up lights-
Solar panel battery charger-
Rode videomicro microphone-
Snug phones Bluetooth earplugs-
My favorite auto darkening welding lense (ArcOne)-
Smoked tail lights-
Air intake heater delete plug-
Riffraff AIH delete code eliminator-

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