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Google Photos enables you to back up your photos, as well as organize, search, and edit your images and videos right from Google's cloud storage. Photos also helps you transform your images into striking collages, slideshows, and movies.

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Organizing Your Photos - Film Google Photos for iOS - Store and organize 2 days ago   15:26

You guys have asked for it, so here it is! I'm always being asked how I keep all of my files organized. Shooting both film and digital, I have to keep things organized both physically and digitally. So in this episode, I share how I store and organize all of my film negatives. I also walk you through the process of storing my digital photos and even my film scans from the moment they're scanned in. If you need some inspiration for staying organized, this should help you with that! And if I didn't say it enough in the video, BACK UP YOUR DIGITAL FILES. Then back them up again. One more time after that.

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