Ukraine's brutal war is still raging Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan 9 months ago   03:35

At the top of the agenda during last week’s NATO Summit in Warsaw was Russian aggression against the West. In response to the ongoing conflict between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, NATO reiterated their support of Ukraine’s fight against Russian advancement in the east, and committed to a comprehensive assistance package.

But on the ground, the conflict rages on. Despite a Minsk ceasefire agreement, signed in 2014, and again in 2015, fighting continues to intensify along the contact line.

A recent spike in violence that included heavy shelling, mortaring, and small arms has made the past few months particularly bloody, with casualties becoming an almost daily occurrence. Despite a complete failure to implement any ceasefire, NATO insisted the Minsk agreement was still the way to go.

VICE News traveled to Avdiivka, the hottest point of contact in the conflict, where Ukrainian military and civilians have both lost faith in the so-called ceasefire and remain trapped in a brutal war.

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I wish Simon could be back...
Dark Star
The nazis in Kiev are pure evil...🤐
Dangerdave21 Dumb
Dang I'm watching this in Canada but in Ukraine is in a middle of a war zone while Ukrainians have there building shelled with artillery.
Thats what they get for overthrowing a govt that wanted good relationship with russia.
And war continues
james murphy
Second Great Patriot War
jim ca
Stupid russia it's time to start ww3
vice propaganda at it again.
Metkic 94
Ukraine wich has problem with communists , facists , corupted politicians and slave capitalisam with average pay of 200eu like back in USSR , would rather fight Russia to take land wich was taken from russians and given to them by communists than to work on their real problems. . . . .
Al Lone
If it were real it would expose NATO for what they really are
Why is everybody so shocked about the Russians protecting their own people? The Americans bomb the shit out of Serbia to protect terrorists in Kosovo (KLA) just to satisfy their Saudi allies through the Clintons pay to play policy spreading sharia Islam and sponsoring ISIS in terms of manpower and nobody seems to have a problem with that when in fact that set the president. It seems to me and most people I know that there is a significant double standard. Why doesn't vice news do a special on Al Qaeda sponsorship by the Saudi king in both Bosnia and Kosovo? Or perhaps the link of both these provinces to ISIS militants? Why doesn't Vice do a special on NATO member turkey and its connection to ISIS and sponsorship of terrorism? Or perhaps Saudi Arabia and their lack of human rights, even Turkey for that matter? I'll tell you why because vice news is bullshit, nothing more than another American brainwashing propaganda tool. Prove me wrong!
Sep 9, 2016 US-funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians

Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.
Vice give the best coverage on this conflict. I'd like to see more though. Anywhere else in the world if a country was invaded and a conflict still raging it would be mainstream news.
Russians are the true fascists of this mess.
Vasili Romanov
Why are we still calling them Russian-backed "separatists". They are not, they are proven Russian invaders in the guise of "separatists". If they were, Ukraine would have crushed them a long time ago.
Krezuba Zver
vice news nazi news
Does anyone expect President Obozo the Clown to do anything about this? His head is so far up his racist @$$ because he's still fighting the Civil War. Apparently he's too stupid to understand that white people got him elected to office, and he still thinks it's 1963 in America. I can think of any number of African Americans who SHOULD have been elected to the office of the President, but this @$$h0le occupies the Oval toilet seat.
John Laccohee-Joslin
The conflict within the Ukraine still continues for one major reason, its called intervension and the major guilty people are firstly America, who as has been seen all over the world, are intent on being the big boss regardless of the cost in human life, the Ukraine is only one example, the middle east as a whole is a prime picture of what happens when America involves itself in some one elses country, bssically for their own long term benifit, andbwith little or no consiquence for the outcome ofbtheit intervention.
The reason for their intervention in the Ukraine comes down to plain old American agreesion, they wantbto put more basesvalongnthe Russian boarder.
Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together cann see that longbterm,, America is intent on starting a war regardless of Russias attempt to steer clear ofvsuch conflict.
Forbthevlast twenty years, America has been very much involved in the progress towards these ends, andvwhile Russia in all truth and factual evedence has not expanded at all, as in keeping with the Yekta agreement, America has been doing the opposite, thevend result is there there cfor all true minded people to see, Russian bases on American boarders, NONE American bases on Russian boarders 282, so any comment to the effect of Russian agression is not only insulting to Russia, but also to anyone with a fare minded atitude, would has to place America as numver one when refering to agreesion.
Defening ones own boarders is not an act of agreesion, puting bases on someone elses boarders is an act of agreesion, plain and simple TRUTH, something America has shown little use of in the bestbpart of its history be it within their own country or someone elses, this is hardly surprising given their record as a country, who very beginning is based on the genocide of the true American, this atitude has been Americas number one title from day one, a dangerous, agresive, kill at all cost nation who has spent it entire history ripping someonevelse of to further its own power across the world.
The situation has now become one that anyone looking at the end result would be straight away aware that the nature of the coflict, that is Americas doing, has created a situation that nobody in tgeir right mind would ever consider it possible for these people to ever wantbto be part of the Ukraine ever again.
They are NOT terrorist or Russian backed seperatist, they are a people who conducted a legal referendum as oer the laid down perscrition for same, with thecend result being a 96% vote to be seperate from both Russia and the Ukraine, with I might add very good reason,
The fact that both the U.N. and NATO are both in the wrong for not supporting this result, as they did for kosovo, for which America insisted that the requirement for obtaining independance be re written for Kosovo, now find that they no longer wantbwhst they insisted apon because it does not suite them, bearing in mind that this is exactly where they wanted to put the bases.
This if nothing els should have woken the world up to American intention overal, but sadly for those in Europe and other places, their heads of state refuse to pull their heads out of the sand and look at the reality of America intention, and the fact that by allowing America to invade their country with agreesive bases only make them targets for a counrty that will have to defend itself which means getting rid of the missile sites first am formost, regardless of what ever friendship is between those countries and Russia, Russia had no choice.
Rupert Murdoch, Fox Century, and Disney all have multi million dollar stakes in VICE.
I refuse to buy this flat propaganda.
The Crimean Peninsula voted - UN refuses to recognize this vote - Russia "annexed" the democratically obtained region
End of story.
This conflict... is NATO's responsibility for being obstinate.
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Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan Ukraine's brutal war is still raging 9 months ago   17:48

Japan’s obsession with cutesy culture has taken a dark turn, with schoolgirls now offering themselves for “walking dates” with adult men. Last year the US State Department, in its annual report on human trafficking, flagged so-called joshi-kosei osanpo dates (that’s Japanese for “high school walking”) as fronts for commercial sex run by sophisticated criminal networks.

In our exclusive investigation, VICE News host Simon Ostrovsky will bring you to one of Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods, where girls solicit clients in their school uniforms, to a concert performed by a band of schoolgirls attended by adult men, and into a café, where teenage girls are available to hire by the hour. But the true revelations come behind closed doors, when schoolgirls involved in the rent-a-date industry reveal how they’ve been coerced into prostitution.

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