Ukrainian forces shelling the position Ukraine War UNCUT: UNDER FIRE 1 day ago   04:48

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Again : This is a war documentary, VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES


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@ 4:10 is the next day
kill the ukrainian scum !!! grezz vrom austria
Bleeding Snow
Well, they aren't firing on civilian populations here, that's a first.
Looks fake, so many shots and all missed? Or they were plowing these fields on purpose? Seems like another propaganda movie. Evacuate everyone, drop few grenades round, record it, then blame the other side.
Fake. The drone operator saw the soldiers running to the second bunker, but the mortar crew did not try to hit them while they were expose in the open or try to hit the bunker where they took cover. Fake propaganda !
Red Horse
Ukraines shelling apartments and homes of people. The DPR and LPR are silent and not shooting yet we see ukraine killing innocent peoples in their homes and setting fire
Михаил Иванов
Video i s the best evidence who is aggressor and who is braking Minsk agreement. This is clear for each normal person. Ukraine+USA+Europe countries are aggressor and murderers. remember fucking killers we will come back to your EU as it was in 1945 but in this time we do not forgive you.
What is the people's militia in the occupied Ukrainian land? These are Russian terrorists!
Angelo Bovara
Not enuff shelling to make a difference.
death to all russia supporters fking bastards
Смерть зрадників терористів. (Death to terrorist traitors)
Xadiel Ruiz
This is very funny, Ukraine decide to join the European Union because their economy was falling apart and Russia didn't give a fuck about it as long as they stay as a satellite state.When the Ukrainian president make it official russians in Crimea (ex-territory of Ukraine) didn't like it and start revolving violently against the police and the loyal citizens.Then Russia decide to stay with Crimea and fuck Ukraine and all because of the Crimean natural gas, petroleum and silver mines.The western see Ukraine as a shield against Russia and Russia see Ukraine as a resource piggy bank.The people of Ukraine are killing them self for nothing, At least now Ukrainians start modificating a few laws because of western support.I hope Ukraine win this war and after this maintain it self neutral or being in involve more with European politics.The Russians are the same imperialist assholes as the americans and chinese.
Olli Rantala
Ihope ukraina wad accurate
Nico Brouwers
buy mother fuckers
cu in hell

Nico Brouwers

Almere Netherlands
Manfred Buchmaier
Russian Seperatists are not legal armed bands of terrorists. Bomb it back home to moskow..
Roman H
looks like shelling of military positions, what the fuck is a problem. Pull the thumb out of your ass, stick it in your mouth and go cry to your daddy putin you little bitch.
Geo Diver
NAZI Ukraine killing people - nothing new here
Glad to see that the Ukrainian forces are applying pressure to the terrorist squatters. One thing to notice is that the criminal anarchists fighting for Putin's paycheck quickly relocated to a secondary bunker. The UAV clearly saw this relocation and yet the mortar fire was not corrected. The message sent here was that the location is known and can be targeted if maximum casualties is desired. It seems the Ukrainians were more interested in giving the criminals home more air conditioning and make it a little less homey.
spetsnaz ninefive
Any bros Looking to fight in Ukraine ? ...
Us/cnda , we need to flood these borders and put a stop to Russia ..
Its 2 little province's and Russia can put more " arms " to the people and cities to them like no tomorrow

If you're willing to fight, msg me .
I'm 24 yrs old 😁
Young but ready lol
Lugansk People Republic This country not exist
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Ukraine War UNCUT: UNDER FIRE Ukrainian forces shelling the position 1 day ago   16:17

RAW War & UNEDITED: Ukraine forces opened fire on LPR positions with artillery, sniper fire, and small arms breaking Minsk agreements. We were in the LPR trenches when intense battle erupted, Here is unedited video of the point when the LPR position we were in was complete bombarded with artillery.The Ukraine War is still raging.
Full detailed UKRAINE WAR SPECIAL REPORT on the way with video from all angles. SUBSCRIBE NOW

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