NOT THAT KIND OF TANK.. r/MaliciousCompliance r/MaliciousCompliance "Boss Refuses To Let Me Work 2 days ago   19:03

f r e s h p o t m a a m



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w h e r e ' s t h e l e a k , m a ' a m
Hailey C.
Why are people thinking going to sleep at 12:00AM is bad? It's good for me
Who else is craving a coffee from the fresh pot?
Diego Braga
"this story is about me" LOL
Lyle Knox
Tank story is TRUE!
Julie Croak
You talk too much,
William Crowley
If you google "tank on mandela way london" itll come up
Boogledorf Cheese Good
Its 2:17 and i start school in 6 hours but that ain't my business
been subbed since 1k. stopped watching for about three months or at about 100k. glad to see you’re doing so good fresh
Anthony Her
Imagine driving through your neighborhood and you just see a T-34 parked on a lawn somewhere. That would be crazy. I wonder if it’s still functional (driving it around would probably be illegal but it’ll be cool to know if it works)
UK resident here. Me and many others are that sick of this country we’d probably do that last one as many times as we could
Having done a little fluid engineering myself, I'd bet anything that the engineer in the second story forgot to account for friction, or used the wrong numbers for it. One of my university projects involved a similar situation, and all but two groups got it wrong because of this. Most people don't think of liquids having friction when moving through a pipe, but it's a major factor when calculating necessary pump power. From a bunch of undergrads, this mistake is understandable, but a licensed engineer should know better. Still, people make mistakes, and a city council and planner's office should know better than to leave all such matters to a single person like that, for that very reason.
Moo Cow
Firstly, I love this channel because Fresh doesn't only reads the posts but also comments on them.
Secondly, Subway is telling me to eat Fresh and I am conflicted as to whether I should or not.
Sonny Parker
Tax money goes to roads?
LT FreeBorn
fresh my guy you need to higher your volume bc its low
Thank god I see this video at 9:00 AM
5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901
that tank in the thumbnail, is that an IS-1 or a T-44. cant tell.
Hayden LuettYT
The tank or T-34 actually has an interesting story
Stupid engineer, stupid town hall, that's the damage you've done to tax payers because you couldn't take a young expert seriously. Shameful.
Hell Fire
Rip the local Robbins doughnuts in town
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r/MaliciousCompliance "Boss Refuses To Let Me Work NOT THAT KIND OF TANK.. r/MaliciousCompliance 2 days ago   21:25

r/MaliciousCompliance Boss refuse to let me work my hours in contract and tells me to leave if I don't like it? All righty!

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