Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions! Huawei Mate X HANDS-ON 2 days ago   09:01

Marques Brownlee
Samsung Galaxy Fold. Forget the crease, folding phones just took a step up. This is dope tech.

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karolak kolo
Wait a second, isn't this basically a flipphone version 2.0?
john molnar
iPhones have become a joke. Even at the AT&T store where I got my S10... the salesman even told us that iphones have gone way downhill. He said in the beginning they were innovative and always was coming out with something new. Now they're just copying Samsung all the time. The iPhone doesn't change enough to justify spending money on the new model every time one comes out. I had the very 1st iPhone when it came out and I thought it was absolutely unbelievable. couldn't give me one for free. They have just become a gimmick. A lot of people that get them now as a status statement. They want to show off that they have the newest Apple phone on the market.
Pratyush Kumar Sahu
Magnets + lip + notch 4380mah and multi Window are solid features for sure, smartbwork Samsung.

MKBHD is elaborate as a usual
Antwane Walker
Outside screen should've been bigger for the price tag
Gian Lucas Cardoso Corapi
The front screen seems horrible
Miaa Carina
too thick and too wide for me.
niko niko
A7 Samsung
niko niko
Adrina The Great
Another piece of junk for the must have generation of halfwits, oh look I've got a folding tablet big whoop
6:51 LOL
Caden Dewet
What about the huawei mate x
Leonardo Vasques
app devs are crying now
still rockin' an old samgal # 2
queen kunt
literaly the whitest black guy ever! love your reviews! subbed!
I watched this 2 months ago and thought the phone was out. They're saying it's not coming out until the summer (maybe). How did you get one.....?
Fold was made of cheap materials and too expensive and shitsung were caught out. It bombed and will never be released mark my words it was a pile of expensive crap. All those idiots salivating over it and we're saying it was the future now look like morons. I predicted it would fail and it failed big time.
3:25 Even though my Bixby button and power button are on opposite sides, I still accidentally click the Bixby button trying to turn my phone off/on.
Viktor Sehr
I would see some top graphics games like Asphalt or Grand Mountain Adventure played on it!
Matt Woldanski
Matthew Hendricks
But don't eat it its not candy
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Huawei Mate X HANDS-ON Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions! 2 days ago   09:25

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