French wine producers aim to grow 50 days to Brexit: May holds ‘robust 2 days ago   05:36

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Paris is holding its first international wine fair, an event for industry professionals aimed at showcasing French wine producers. Also today, we look at the economic context of that tentative agreement to avoid another US government shutdown.

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Paris Wine Conference Best Sellers: YellowVest Vin Jaune, Citroen TireFire Merlot, NoGoZone Zinfandel, TearGas Grenache, Eww, Champagne de Brussels EU!
French wine have better quality than US ...
Altaf Mirza
Wine is very harmful for social life
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50 days to Brexit: May holds ‘robust French wine producers aim to grow 2 days ago   20:24

"Still no breakthrough in sight" - Donald Tusk's verdict after his meeting with Theresa May in Brussels this afternoon.


The Prime Minister looked stony faced in the posed photographs - saying she'd had words with the European Council President over his remarks about leading Brexiteers deserving a "special place in hell". Mrs May insisted she was still determined to deliver Brexit on time - but the only agreement which was actually reached today... to hold more talks before the end of this month.


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