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This garbage truck toy video is a great way to help show your child how to recycle and dump trash and waste. Watch Blippi as he plays with the garbage truck and teaches your child colors. This is a great preschooler learn colors video because the garbage truck has colored cars. If your child loves this garbage truck video to help learn colors be sure to check out all Blippi Toys at
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Thanks for learning colors with me!

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Garbage truck toy Blippi plays with for sale:

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Machines for Kids with Blippi Garbage Trucks for kids - recycling 2 days ago   11:04

Blippi explores a vacuum truck with your children. If your toddlers and children love machines then this Blippi video will be a hit! Your child will learn about vacuum trucks with Blippi. Diggers for kids, Tractors for kids, and vacuum trucks are some machines for kids that Blippi has explored! Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers and in this vacuum trucks for kids video also has the Vacuum Truck song in it. Dance to fun Blippi songs while learning about machines for children with Blippi in this fun Blippi video.

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