Life in the poorest city in the US - BBC News Maps reveal hidden truths 1 day ago   03:14

BBC News
In the tiny city of Escobares, Texas, 62% of residents live below the poverty line.

That's the highest rate of any US city with more than 1,000 people, according to the 2016 US Census Bureau survey.

Directly on the US-Mexico border, the city struggles with crime and unemployment.

But local officials say they're trying hard to lift Escobares out of the cycle of poverty.

Video produced by: Cecilia Barria and Mohamed Madi

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George Habe
He should take a little bit of whatever taxes they have and send the top 10 high school graduates to business school with a contract to come back for 5 years. (or agricultural school if the land is right/available.)
Ramez Ahmed
The environment and the music in this video remind me of RDR 2
Sparky 2014895
Rick walker
98% Hispanic. Maybe they should invite more minority’s in to help build a diverse community!
Maria Sílvia R. Ruy
Rio grande river sounds ridiculous
_ Bland _
I never new we were that poor Jesus...
Prudish Mouse
What a beautiful city! I’m going to move there with my cows 🐄
na x
He could sell that 69 charger body for like $8k!
Ronnie Ray Avila
De pie sobre la tierra, comrades un proletarios.
North Side
"Trabajad, trabajad, proletarios, para aumentar la fortuna social y vuestras miserias individuales; trabajad, trabajad para que, haciendos cada vez más poles tengáis más razón we trabajor y de ser miserables."
Roland Deschain
Looks like they need to raise taxes. That will fix it. (Sarc)
Fine Mercury East Africa
Give them the contract for building the wall.
Edmund Singleton
Jane O’Brien, Laura Trevelyan, and on rare occasion, Katty Kay; what do these three ladies have in common, they are all BBC World News Anchors, that when ever they appear, one can rest assured, are best dressed for their performance, in up to the minute in blond dyed hair, which has fast become the new standard for on-screen female television news anchoring, don’t ever tune to a news program without at least one in resident on set…for you most certainly will regret the time spent and consider yourself having been cheated…and not been given your full dose of on-screen fakery, and you’d be wise to fact check their reporting, thinking it might be bias for ratings like their appearance is most certainly is…
S Duck
S Duck
This is the result of mexican in US
This is what the US is going to turn into once Latinos become the majority. 62% of this town live below poverty meaning 62+% live off government handouts. The Latino mentality in Latin America as well as in the US is to depend on government and not to be self-reliant, Escobares is a great example, the people are waiting for employers to knock on their doors to offer them jobs instead of doing whatever it takes to find a job
that bG
When Escobar died he stopped funding this city
Another red state shithole.
Budda Bless
looks like heaven compared to
Large American cities have a monopoly on skilled and educated people. You will never attract a company with good paying jobs with an unskilled population that can’t speak the language.
As an immigrant, I say this: MOVE. You already left your home country, what’s the cost of moving to find a better opportunity elsewhere? Us immigrants need to stop expecting for a country that welcomed us in to also provide for us. If we become a burden, what would be the point in them letting us in? To drain their resources? Contribute, or go back home.
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Maps reveal hidden truths Life in the poorest city in the US - BBC News 1 day ago   03:35

A new website that lets people delve into data on the world's cities has been launched.

Dr Robert Muggah from the think-tank Instituto Igarapé showed the BBC some of his favourite maps from EarthTime.

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