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BBC News
In the tiny city of Escobares, Texas, 62% of residents live below the poverty line.

That's the highest rate of any US city with more than 1,000 people, according to the 2016 US Census Bureau survey.

Directly on the US-Mexico border, the city struggles with crime and unemployment.

But local officials say they're trying hard to lift Escobares out of the cycle of poverty.

Video produced by: Cecilia Barria and Mohamed Madi

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Samantha Peters
Seriously these people need to stop waiting for people to come to them. These people need to reach out, and tell everyone what their town/city has to offer. Don't make it sound like a dump. Instead make it sound like a blank canvas. This town/city can do so much that others can't. This town/city can be flexible.
Samantha Peters
There's so much potential:
Movies/tv shows could be made there.
The mayor could set up small business loans for the people to teach Spanish over the internet.
Festivals similar to Conchella, Woodstock, etc could be held there.
Dj Kat
Probably lowest murder rate....they seem humble
Robert Heintze
Conservatives like to argue about democratic run large cities, struggling with poverty, while neglecting to inform their base that most of the poorest STATES are republican run. Including THE poorest town, which exists in a "red state" (Texas).
how is someone 40 pounds over weight claiming they don't have food to eat?
the fuck is his point about borders though? XD
Khayyam Ali
Grow organic vegetable gardens. Eat pigeons.
Iron Man 69
98% Hispanic. Lies on the US/Mexico border. Makes sense.
You people need to stop lying, this looks like a total shithole
Judy Hall
The best help you can get is on the end of your arm(your own hand!) never depend on government!!
kay davis
when   u come  to america...not technically skilled... you cannot compete with americans...  we are moving toward a robotic... technical beyond belief economy.. these Mexicans with maybe.. a 10'th grade education.. cannot compete..problem with mainly illegal immigration.. many americans are not ready let  alone uneducated Mexicans and   central  americans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eduardo saverin
mexican immigrants = hola amigos, we bring no harm. We work jobs that your american find it too dirty for your white hands to do
George Osullivan
I got n idea first learn r language
George Habe
He should take a little bit of whatever taxes they have and send the top 10 high school graduates to business school with a contract to come back for 5 years. (or agricultural school if the land is right/available.)
Ramez Ahmed
The environment and the music in this video remind me of RDR 2
Clapped BySparky
Rick walker
98% Hispanic. Maybe they should invite more minority’s in to help build a diverse community!
Maria Sílvia R. Ruy
Rio grande river sounds ridiculous
_ Bland _
I never new we were that poor Jesus...
Prudish Mouse
What a beautiful city! I’m going to move there with my cows 🐄
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Would you eat recycled landfill meat? Life in the poorest city in the US - BBC News 1 day ago   03:50

Ever wonder what happens to restaurant leftovers?
In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is recycled from landfill tips, washed and re-cooked. It's called "pagpag" and it's eaten by the poorest people who can't afford to buy fresh meat.

Warning: You may wish to skip this one if you have a delicate disposition.

Video journalist: Howard Johnson / Producer: Virma Simonette.

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