Affectionate Cat Is Returned To Shelter By Owner 11 Ways To Show Your Cats 2 days ago   02:09

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Jacque, a large three-year-old lap cat, was surrendered to Michigan Cat Rescue.
Thankfully, Nancy Hutchinson, founder of Michigan Cat Rescue, saw Jacque and saved him.

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Micheee12 Hi yall
Those people dont understand that that is rare in a cat and should have been happy to have him😤😫
FabFour Fever
Who the Hell returns a cat for being too affectionate? 😲 (Only a cold, bitchy narcissist). 😒
Exploding Tomahawks
WHAT?!? That's like buying a cup of water only to return it, complaining "the water's too wet". Or buying a car and demanding a refund because "it went too fast". What the hell has the world come to?
Mohammad Afriyanto
My cat always wait for me & comes for a hug after back from work. Early morning he wakes me up for early pray..
aileen muchizuki
Too cuddly? Heck, my cat used to sleep on my face
Black Lock
Beautiful cat, thank god he found the right family!! Depsite the oceans of badness and evil in this world, there are still pockets of good...
People who abandon pets should be neutered or spayed, because they have no business ever having children.
Adam Al Rikaby
Noooo why did his stupid owner leave him I would love to take him
Elsa Frost
Seriously, you can't have a heart to abandon a sacred little loving kitty just because they're 'too cuddly'
I am so upset
Also, what monster leaves an angel like this behind when they move? 😢
Pat Depaula
Thank goodness a happy ending
Yoshi Bangtan
a cuddly cat is the best one! it take times for cats to get attached to someone and this is what happen after they opened up their heart? COLD PERSON DON'T DESERVE this amazing cat.
The more cuddly the better 👍😻
Michael Bradley
He's a biiiiig boy. I had a girl cat that was a brazen lap cat (or arm cat if I was in bed). I had to put her down a year and a half ago at 15 years old. I still miss her.
Gloria Sheppard
Yeah Mr kitty is greatly bloved by a brand new family! 👏😄🐾😁😘
Ginger Blossom
I adore cat cuddles!
Binge watching intesifies
Imagine complaining because a cat wants to actually bond with you through hugs and cuddles.
Charysma Miles
Because he’s too cuddly....? Does not compute. 😶 That owner apparently doesn’t enjoy love, and affection.
Kathy Hartung
Awww, I would love to have been his mom. I would have gotten one of those cloth carriers that they put babies in and carry him around with me when I had things to do and couldn't sit with him.
Sharif Abdelal
Just the title made me sad :( What a friendly little floof, I’m glad he got a home
nargeez sulthana
Liz, God bless you dear for taking home the beautiful fellow
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11 Ways To Show Your Cats Affectionate Cat Is Returned To Shelter By Owner 2 days ago   09:07

How to tell your cats you love them in their own language.

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