I found the missing Countach Turbo Jay Leno's Jet Car 2 days ago   10:44

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John Temerian from Curated (https://www.youtube.com/c/CuratedTVbyJohnTemerian) is always looking for missing vintage exotic cars. This is the story of one of his greatest finds ever - the Countach Turbo.

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My Lamborghini dream car is the Malcolm Forbes green Diablo. After He passed it was on Display at a dealer in Hawaii I would ofter visit it for inspiration I was a young mechanic at the time. It was flown around the world in his jet stuck in Hawaii and eventually sold I think the last time it was up for sale was in 2000. I wonder where it is now!
Michael Oxlong
8:39 is the part when you see the "dealer" colors show through. "Got into such an arguement" means you probably low balled the shit out of him. You know you paid way less than what it's worth.
Wow, an interesting Lambo story and told by a non-douche owner...
Chris Harris
Missing car...... on Instagram....
Peter Kelly
Some people have a strange idea of 'missing'...
Beat Grendelmeier
i used to work across the street from MB Sportcars in hägendorf switzerland.
I still remember they had one of the rare lamborgini lm002 outside.
White Thread
I discovered a rare LADA once..it wasn't featured in any crazy driver YouTube compilation..
Henry Ting Hang Chan
its a old piece of shit
Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Nice car! A Dreamcar of the 80's but honestly I prefer the old LP400 style without wings and spoilers! Looks more spaceship, in the 70's and still today!😎
Turbos from 1984....bearings!
A 25th Countach art? Ehhhhhh,well one thing Pagani actually ruined IMO.
Kyle Olin
Let me get this straight. You harrassed the guy for a year, then when he gave you a fair price, you manipulated him into lowering it. After that, you turned around and flipped it? Dick move, just saying.
Jeffrey Bentz
Excellent story about a completely baddass car!!! Thanx👍👍
Scott Zastrow
Nice T-Shirt. I believe you found the car and he let you look at it.
The information "swiss Max Bobnar a.k.a. MB sportcars had built only 2" is not really correct. At least 4 were built by MB sportcars, and many additional Turbo Countachs by other builder.
I'd like to see this car next month on the second Saturday of the month. This is my fb album of the last Supercar Saturday.
R Ramirez
If someone with deeper pockets found it before you it would have been a wrap .
Filipe Gomes
Amazing story, amazing car. By the way they used the Turbo lettering from a Renault 11 Turbo in the back of the Countach haha
The Rega sticker on the dashboard is an helicopter rescue firm from Switzerland, I hope they didn't removed it because that trace it to the creator of the car.
Eric McDonald
Now I know how to pronounce Countach.
So, what did car shark pay for it ???
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Jay Leno's Jet Car I found the missing Countach Turbo 2 days ago   14:58

1:00 - Jay's Jet Bike
1:34 - 1962 Chrysler Turbine Car
4:16 - Starting the 1962 Chrysler Turbine Car
8:16 - Jay's "Eco Jet"
13:19 - Driving the "Eco Jet"

Dennis and Jay fire up the Jet Car and go for a spin.

My Classic Car Season 19 Episode 18.

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Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/myclassiccar
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