Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary 4 months ago   05:48

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DESCRIPTION:In this episode of Society of Geeks we look at some of the reasons behind the Situation in Ukraine. How did the war break out and which countries are involved in it.
The future developments in Ukraine will be significantly important for the relationship between the European Union, the United States and Russia and whether the heavy amount of outside interests from all sides on the country is promoting peace, may be up for debate.
Ultimately the citizens will have hard choices to make in the future. To choose between Nato and Russia. To choose between the European Union and the Eurasion Union and to choose between the countrys unity or separation, no matter what happens, it will affect us all.

Narrated by Emsoc.


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Muhammad Afiq
Nice video. I love how you able to turn this complex issue into something easy to understand. Its incredible that you able to keep it neutral for both side and let the viewer to make their own choice. keep it up. cheers
Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley
József Tóth
World Store Deals
Putin needs to be in prison for crimes against humanity. God bless Ukraine
John Laccohee-Joslin
As a seventy year old i listen to this young man and the question as to his education into what is happening in the Ukraine leaves more than a lot to be deserved.
For a start, Russia did not annex Crimea and it did not organize the referendum, Russia made the move to increase its troops in Crimea after a referendum not before, and then it only increased the number to that which had been agreed for years, but under which in normal cercumstances, the level had been almost halved, Crimea asked Russia if it could rejoin, and Russia having a base there for which they have been paying the Ukraine a large sum each year to have this base there.
As for thos in east Ukraine, after having seen very clearly the nature of a neo nazi organization bei g put into power by AMERICA, and please before jumping upand down first listen to the conversation of Victoria Newland where she ta,ks aboutwho AMERICA considers to put into power, and just how much AMERICA HAD SPENT TO CAUSE THIS TROUBLE, FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of your taxes, to topple a legal govdrnment who had already agreed to hold a n election.
The people of east Ukraine had no wish to be ruled by a nazi backed government and also had a legal referendum, tbey voted for seperation, something America had seen fit during the Kosovo trouble to force the U. N . To re-write the rules so Kosovo could gain independance, but did not like it when the very same rules were used by the people of east Ukraine.
I would strongly reckomend anyone who doubts the above to do some homework of their own, a d stop the lets blame Russia trip that America has adopted for all their ills.
Ukrainian national hero. Stefan Bandera. Google this guy. Never trust ukrainians. They are worst than muslims from pakistan.
Ukraine is not a country never was never will be. In estern block nobody like them. They always make problems and drama. Never trust them.
Naleen Perera
Ukraine Was Ex " USSR ~ CCCP " Republic Therefore This Country Much Better To Be With Its Gigantic Russia Be cos Both Country Has Lot Of Compatibilities Than Europe & America .
Polish Warrior
This is very inaccurate.
He6ecka 3bep
good work man
Harry Kuheim
Why isn't NATO ever interested in protecting the US border with Mexico? Trump 2020
Bottom line is this: just like US was ready to start a nuclear war over presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba; Russian Federation will start war in Ukraine over presence of NATO there. And if Ukraine does not understand this - too bad
King Ijaz اعجاز
Join 🈴 Arab Union
King Ijaz اعجاز
Love ❤️ Russia 🇷🇺
You just regurgitated the MSM
Angel Castillo parra

Jefferson Onguti
Ukraine is no longer a country it is done !two regions and craemia gone what's left !
RC 127799
I’d choose Russia any day over the fascists boot liking sell-outs in the EU.
Sir Patchy
4:07 *stalinium adidas mobile*
Don't quit your day job.
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South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using 4 months ago   25:19

While Crimea has already had a referendum, the situation in other Ukrainian regions is still unstable. People want their voices to be heard and are demanding a vote. RT managed to get footage from people living in various cities in southeastern Ukraine. Many of the videos and interviews you will see in this film have never been shown on television.

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