Meghan McCain Is Disappointed by Senator Lethal Injections: Last Week 2 days ago   11:12

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Meghan McCain shares her memories of being an intern at SNL, talks about Donald Trump's continuing feud with her father and discusses her comments on Representative Ilhan Omar.
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Meghan McCain Is Disappointed by Senator Lindsey Graham's Attachment to Trump- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 6923 Comments

almost like you can't shake obama, hippo-crite
how sad, bring her on , and all you want to talk about is Trump
MZK 98
Meghan's resume:

John McCain's daughter
Marky's Lair
Check: Added to my Vapid Meghan McCain playlist
Rocanlover ARL
Damn he just shut her up 👏🏼👏🏼
Yo Soy Libre
Both are pathetic... Seth a cuck of a man (really just come out... set your beard (wife) free!). MM a warmonger like her father. I'd say, stick to comedy Seth, but you're not funny, and no one watches CNN, so you're paid to play a journalist like several other traitorous a##hats on the mind control box. Because this is where people get their news. LOL Both of them are statist stooges pushing mandatory vaccinations because after all "It's my body"... oh wait, only if you want to k#ll babies, other than that F YOU... it's Uncle Sammy's body. Long live the Republic. haha
griffin lamp
For the life of me, I just can’t remember who her father is🤔
Lindia Pain
What Lindsey Graham understands & what Meghan doesn't, is that he was elected to represent & work for the citizens of S. Carolina and the people of the united states. Her father joined the resistance. He did everything he could to obstruct Trump, even to the end. Lindsey chose love of country over hatred of Trump. Which one is the true patriot? The one who chooses country. Or the one who chooses hate? She could try to understand that instead of making everything personal as she always does. Lindsey choosing to work with the president for the good of our country doesn't mean he loved his friend McCain any less. It means he loves our country more. People who think with their emotions instead of logic and common sense, rarely accomplish anything positive.
Diego Zambrano
Meghan fearless. Nice to see someone putting that guy in his place.
I applaud Megan McCain for standing her ground!
Jeannette S
Girl byeee
Janet Miller
Essentially Meghan is insecure. She asked Seth "What would make you happy to hear coming out of my mouth?" Despite her vocal stance that she has strong opinions & doesn't care what others think - she clearly DOES care. Deeply. She always comes off as very concerned about what others think of her. Bottom line, she wants to be able to say what she thinks WITHOUT having her opinions challenged by those with different views. She wants to be able to have her cake & eat it too. Entitled, privileged.
Dee H
Seth its true not all hero’s wear capes!
They really wanted to cross swords then they should have delved into Israeli politics
Angel Beals
Meghan is the worst kind of bigot! One who don’t realize she’s a bigot!
Janae Mancheski
I've only seen a few videos of her, cuz I don't watch the view consistently, but it kinda seems like she wants to fight. Like a lot.
Camara Rhodes
I love Meghan! I love that she’s a conservative, like myself. Some of her views i don’t agree with, but i love that she defends the Trump voter even though she doesn’t like him, and speaking up for real true conservatives. The only one on the View who has the right to speak about politics, because she has real experience as opposed to the other hens on the table. Thank you, Meghan!
Tamar Pelkinson
What an interesting interview, actually interesting to listen to both of them 😀
Nobody J
Its cute how she tries to be a grown up! ENTITLED MUCH, Ms. McCain?
Kamron Eytcheson
Okay, well, i see both sides. I lOVE SETH! and i love John and appreciate Megan. 💁 didn't think she was wrong, but agree with Seth. Fairness on all sides. P.S. Megan, don't let Trump get to you, Seth is right, your father wouldn't have let him.
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Lethal Injections: Last Week Meghan McCain Is Disappointed by Senator 2 days ago   19:22

John Oliver discusses the lethal injection process, which is definitely not as pleasant as talking about a squeaking frog.

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