Ukraine: ‘Frozen war’ spreads Trump Start War with North 7 months ago   01:46

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The term 'frozen war' is often used to describe the stalemate between soldiers and Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine, but three years of conflict continue to spread fear and poverty among a forgotten population.

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Erik Colt
I feel sorry for UKRAINE
Dutch Pride
WW 1 style war by now!
Kyïv stuff
Krasnogorivka is under control of Ukrainian government, it was shelled by separatists. It's in the best interest of Ukraine to sustain peace. Unstable situation benefits only Russia - Ukraine looses money and more importantly people.
i like the arrogance that the ukraine dogs of meca speaks with the Jacob Mohamed Macron...
the greatest supporters of Ukraine Army is the mohameds...when the mohameds financing wars in Europe...Ukraine=mohames
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Trump Start War with North Ukraine: ‘Frozen war’ spreads 7 months ago   06:57

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