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Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic, which is largely devoted to investigating pseudoscientific and supernatural claims.

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B Agustsson
By the way. After I saw podcast #961 I lost all respect for this guy Michael Shermer and his friend that Skyped on that podcast has now 300 meter deep and 31 km wide meteorite crater up his arrogant arse.
B Agustsson
When you live in place where you do not use big chunk of your time to travel between home and work it influences your pace in the traffic. So when you live in constant irrigation on your patience because of traffic jams the only way to blow out the steam on impatience is to try to speed up swear and honk horns together with the elevated stress levels.
You fell this so clearly when you go back.
Sam Rankin
Your Secular option is kinda how I see Comedy, a place where like minded people come to appreciate and enjoy life. I think its why standup became so popular.
Gabriel Banebridge
Why do i feel like 95% of these replies r bots?
Gabriel Banebridge
I think I love JR so much bc it's clear he's learning so much from his guests. No pretense. If he doesn't know something, he'll admit it. Of course the Russians would rename WWII. In Vietnam, it's called the American war. You can name it what u want when u control everything.
Amazon is the real world Buy N’ Large. Most ppl gonna end up fat human batteries in floating chairs that power the everlasting head of Prime Leader Bezos.
Goh Jun Liang
this guy is sooo skeptical he might as well be a conspiracy theorist in a different form
Themed Auto Workz
Thank you joe these are GangStalkers following me bout to go very wrong for them now
mel saint
Joe will know once he's in hell
mel saint
"Fake alien language" -- he's a fucking moron who couldn't do math
Jbars r
Good job Jamie
Cameron Bailey
Always had mixed feelings about Shermer but really enjoyed this talk. Bring in Tony Robbins!
Breezy Mods
I hate Niels excited fat kid breathing u know what I’m talkin about when he lurches like a chubby kid who just paid a slow ice cream man, that’s about it though he’s alittle left leaning but won’t admit it I can’t tell you how but I notice it he slips it in here and there; Even a good witness nobody will believe it was 911
Alain Maitre
Consciousness or no consciousness ? Free will or no free will ? I am impartial , i stay open minded .
Alain Maitre
Quantum healing ? Maybe it exist , i stay open minded .
Alain Maitre
I have had many experiences with co-incidencess/synchronicity / serendipity . I am not schizophrenic , the experiencess are real . Why does these experiencess happen sometimes , i do not know , does it means something , i do not know , it just happens sometimes . It happens often when i do intence mindfulness training . Strange/ mysterious it IS .
Alain Maitre
I know that Shermer and Deepak Chopra are rivals when it is about the big life questions . Shermer goes for rationality and Chopra goes a little bit further into the irrational (and ratio also ofcourse because he is a doctor , scientist ) . Shermer has to understand that science can not proof everything , who knows what kind of undiscovered powers are "out there" in the micro -and macro cosmos . I stay open minded , i am impartial , i listen to Shermer and Chopra , both have intelligent arguments ...
Patrick Bang
another vote for Ryan Dawson
james vanhalen
There are so many heaven encounters on youtube you would be an idiot to dismiss all of them. Check out kat kerr revealing Heaven, or kevin zadia testimony, Bill weise 23 minutes in hell, ian mcormack glimpse of eternity
Scott Griekspoor
Interesting conversation until 40 minute mark Mr. Rogan and Mr. Shermer. The conversation turns into something yall should study more of. Bashing religion, Christianity, Trump with complete ignorance for their followers or arguments. For instance, when you mentioned Heaven as a place that people go to and then aren't themselves anymore because of healed injuries and the sort. That is one of the most disingenuous ideas I have ever heard of if comparing to the scriptures in the Bible. Who in their right mind, when they die will want to feel pain anymore? Take for example a cancer patient who dies that was living with their illness for several years and suffered tremendously. Yes, that person will have been shaped in some way by the cancer but that doesn't mean that is who they are. Shermer, shortly later in the video then says he wishes humanity will get rid of suffering via illnesses, diseases and cancer. What? That is the same thing. My own opinion of who the human race is, is the values and beliefs we have that shape us to strive toward less suffering and pain. We glory human achievement and want to alleviate as much suffering as possible. The ultimate utopia is a place where no suffering exist at all. That place according to Christian theology (and other religions I suppose) is Heaven. If one actually reads the Bible and sees what it says on the topic you will be surprised that what you said about it is disingenuous. Do not misrepresent or speculate if you do not know. Another example of this is when you say that maybe Heaven will be boring because everyone will get the same gold medal. Where are you getting these ideas from? What you say is pure speculation. The Bible says Heaven is a place of joy, love and peace. Furthermore, according to the Bible, everyone will be given different rewards depending on what they have done here on earth. Each according to what they have done, their work and words. So not everybody will be given the same rewards, stop assuming they will. The only gift everyone receives the same of which you are talking about is the gift of grace through faith and repentance in Christ. Salvation is a gift granted to all people regardless of race, nation or tribe. Mr. Rogan you should have some creationist to debate on your channel. I have searched for such videos and cannot find any. If there is, can you please refer me to them. I suggest having a conversation with a wide range of different ideas and views in creation. Be open minded and let your audience decide. Some of the people I suggest you have on the show is the following. Dennis Prager, Dr. Stephen Meyer, Ken Ham, Dr. Jason Lisle, Kent Hovind, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr, John Lennox, Cliff Knechtle to name a few.
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Peter Schiff is an American businessman, investment broker, author and financial commentator. Schiff is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. He also hosts his own podcast called “The Peter Schiff Podcast” available on iTunes and at

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