NRA's Unfriendly Fire | May 8, 2019 A Totally Real, 100% Valid 1 day ago   08:35

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The NRA keeps shooting itself in the foot and not just because they've made it so easy to get guns in America.

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Jon Davidson
Don't worry; Russia will bail them out with more shady funding.
Russians have a thing for what they call "useful idiots".....
michael preston
They should get more help like Trump did, From Uncle Vlad,, oh, what, they have!
i truly hope none of the gun haters ever have to defend their families or childrens lives from a deadly threat...because they won't stand a chance,and then they'll understand just how important the right to defend your life really is.
Shoeless b
ted johnson
24 million spent already on their own legal defense. I love the smell of NRA meltdown in the morning!
tell me that lie one more time
Can I shoot him and send him my thought and prayers?? Pretty please? Because the only way to stop a bad man with a gun IS a good guy with a gun right??
Derek Lowe
Democrats="the government and police are corrupt and evil,so lets make sure they are the only ones with guns"
Peter George
How about a bad guy with no gun .
Michael Flynn
i love the metaphor -- so funny.
How are they allowed to still exist? Didn't we prove that they had shady dealings with Russian money in this election? How can a company this rotten still be upright?
Herb Tenderson
I don't know about any of you, but Dana can sit directly onto my face. Also, Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg.
Lord Frank
I like how she stands, as if her coochie aches
So.... Ack Mack have succeeded in killing the NRA when every other attempt has failed? Nice Work!
Tanner Wilson
This group needs to be shut down for once and all.

Also, it’s time to seriously change the 2nd Amendment and look at gun laws in nations like 🇯🇵 where gun crime is basically non existent.
Mike 01
You guys hate guns and love illegals
Léa Forslund
NRA in trouble l? My heart bleeds borcht.
David Reed
It’s like they never passed 10th grade geometry, in that they have no basic logic—that a+b=c is just an impossible conundrum for them. They don’t seem to understand that guns=shooting=death. That can also be written as gun+person=violence.
Dan Trevino
Wow, picked out clips and misleading one liners, this woman comedy is not funny.
Jay K
Destruction to the conservatards!
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A Totally Real, 100% Valid NRA's Unfriendly Fire | May 8, 2019 1 day ago   08:36

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