NRA's Unfriendly Fire | May 8, 2019 Male Sexual Abuse Isn't 2 days ago   08:35

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The NRA keeps shooting itself in the foot and not just because they've made it so easy to get guns in America.

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Jay Wise
Ok. So you may not like the NRA or guns, and that's your right. But.... How do YOU stop a bad guy who has a gun? By calling the police ( good guys with guns)?
I was all for you until you dissed my man Thomas the Tank Engine.
Lindalee Law
What crisis at the NRA ? they encourage guns,and crazed shooters.
So called " real men " of the past, now just crapweasals and machofucks!
Josh Garcia’s Video Vault
That some sick footage...
Ron Star
Oh, shut the F up, you pig.
mathew pickels
You guys really buy into this Bell's palsy having lollipop kid
Leah McConnell
Aw, it couldn't happen to a better organization. Thoughts and prayers!
It's scary Selena Gomez again!!!
Zachary Henderson
Do not scroll down! Seriously, I used to always hate comments telling people not to do this, but I do not know whether some teachers showed this to their middle School classes, or whether people just aren't smart. Or both
We finally get to see what our world looks like with 100% Republican control. Complete farce. Unabated stupidity, grift , racism, and greed. And now the latest which is we really need to attack another country for no apparent reason other than to change the narrative on prime time news. Lots of thoughts and prayers I'm sure when the body bags start pouring in. Meanwhile North Korea is stepping up its production of nuclear weapons. And as an aside there concentrating on sending women's rights back to the 1950's. Just for fun.
Stay classy Trumpers.
NRA & Trump went to same business school.
The National Redrum Association is the #1 terrorist organization on the planet. trump's base is #2.
Diddy Doe
it's always nice to see a terrorist organisation in crisis. #FuckTheNRA
Tony Ortiz
I'm astounded that I didn't know that such a repugnant network like NRA TV existed until now. Maybe it was better that I didn't know.
Nicholas Naudé
Sending thoughts and prayers to the NRA.
The NRA is like a 8 track tape, obsolete.... At one time, it may have served a purpose but now its only mission seems to be funneling, Russian oligarch's money through its doors and protecting gun manufacturers from litigation.
Alfred Cardu
Seeing NRA ON NRA CRIME!! Let them destroy each other! Brain dead membership
Hmm....the NRA is strapped for cash.....time for a flood of very expensive lawsuits
Allosaurus Fragilis
The nra needs money? I wonder where they could go to get some.....hmmm
Dee Proff
Great exposé.
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Male Sexual Abuse Isn't NRA's Unfriendly Fire | May 8, 2019 2 days ago   05:51

In this #MeToo moment, we wanted to acknowledge that #MenToo can be victims of sexual assault, and it's really not funny. Don't just take it from us, take it from Terry Crews.

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