Installing a quick change coupler Cleaning up a tire dump 1 day ago   33:00

Andrew Camarata
Installing a Kubota style quick change bucket coupler on a Yanmar b37 excavator. Buying the pin on system. Than welding on coupler ears on a bucket and a hammer.

Quick change ears for sale:

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Brandon Bogan
Idk if it’s just me, but I would have cussed so many times out of all your videos. Things happen and you kinda brush it off and fix it. No telling how many F 💣 I would have dropped. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
Dimi Domo
OK, let's get started. OK, let's go do something else. OK, on to the next job. Funnee4sure.
mech cntr
Is Levi a Yellow Labrador and Sadie a Golden Retriever? Beautiful dogs. These are the best videos on Youtube. I cannot say enough about your work ethic and technique, outstanding.
Gotta love the mid video scenes of Levi eating snow lmao 25:30
Levi is supervising the job . . . 😉 🐶
Good, white Americans.
Tom Tremayne
One thing I'd love to come Andrew never cusses!!!? Even when he broke the sledge hammer clean off the shaft, he just shows it to the camera, takes a breath & carries on as if nothing happened........I'd be cussing like crazy, calling the thing a 'bitch' & all sorts!!!!
James Eves
That new bucket looks bad ass on the shop floor 🤘🏻
D Grass
Well now, i see you finally ask for a little help..its nice to know how to cut, fab, layout, and do it very well.. Dogs, are a mans best friend,all they want is a pet on the head and something to eat.They will love you for ever..
nathaniel Short
Andrew you are just amazing! GREAT JOB every single time! God bless! I wish you be my neighbor
Williiam Windsor
I couldn't do this job without a stokened fire and pot of coffee.
Colonial Roofing of North Carolina
Probably should've hooked it up the tacked it one , made any adjustments and then welded it up but for not having it done in a factory with computer driven robot's to weld it which is howsnits done, not bad
Nice that you had a friend to help out with the conversation. Nothing wrong with being the first when he said your the first to put this system on a yanmar. I'm sure he got some you wanna do what reactions when making contacts to get the right pins and shims. This system is a no brainer since the hammer and bucket need to be able to work together in harmony
Jason Adams
Looks like you need a longer chisel.seems very short.
Great video andrew.
Jason. Boston. Uk.
Timothy Schmidt
dog at 1:36 !
Greg Fisher
Man ,you ain't no heat in there ! I am from the deep south ! we like our heat and mostly our AC !
just wanted to say.... WOOOOHOOOOO
Thanks for reading.
Richard Laurent
Andrew you’re a great fabricator, you have the great gift of eye ball!
Juho Mäki-Petäjä
We use hydraulic quick couplers in Europe. It’s very easy to install even to machine without hydraulics for it.
At 23:00 I was expecting the A-Team theme song
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Cleaning up a tire dump Installing a quick change coupler 1 day ago   40:50

Using a skid steer to clean up a pile of tires/garbage, spread gravel, and move a shipping container

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