How you could get away with murder It's time to draw borders 2 days ago   03:34

There's a 50 square mile section of land in Idaho where a murderer could get away scot free.

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Matthew McDowell
Are y’all boys thinkin what I’m thinking...?
Maya Jade
Obviously the reason Congress hasn't done anything about this is that's where all the senators go to murder their political opponents.
Nathan Rios
another way to get away w murder is by having an abortion
That ditto Guy
Ethan Hawksley
Very useful
Ma Mo :}
Don’t give me any ideas.
Josefie Krakowski
I love how half the comments are treating this like a video game that’s broken
Vaccines are Poison
Hmmm how many missed 411 cases are in these areas
Ethan Bonefas
I feel like this video shouldn’t have been made😂
Now I know where to buy drugs.
Graham Bonne
Wait so the Simpsons weren’t making a joke? Sideshow Bob could’ve actually gotten away with murder? That was real
Jarvis Pecl
Wait, couldn't you get away with any crime?
Nova Surge Gaming
Yeah definitely gonna avoid Idaho all together. Too dangerous.
Amir Hagit Einav
2:51 don’t worry vox, I also say Yosemite when I mean yellow stone
Da stickman
welp, that's next on my to do list
I low-key want someone to try to get away with murder using this loophole in my lifetime.
Kbomb The Gamer
Ima kill someone
Rimmi Peepsicles
You know what's another mass murderer in Yellowstone? Itself!
The music Vox uses on every single video is supremely annoying and it ruins the entire channel for me
Bong Genoso
should we be scared that this is an actual video that is uploaded on youtube
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It's time to draw borders How you could get away with murder 2 days ago   12:50

Why Russia wants to own the North Pole.
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5. Nepal & The Himalaya
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The ice in the Arctic is disappearing. Melting Arctic ice means new economic opportunities: trade routes in the Arctic ocean, and access to natural resources. Because of this, the Arctic nations are now moving to expand their border claims. Russia has shown that it’s the most ambitious, using a potent combination of soft power and military buildup to advance its agenda. They’ve said the Arctic is rightfully theirs.

Check out more arctic maps from IBRU, Durham University, UK: /

Vox Borders is a new international documentary series presented by Emmy-nominated videojournalist Johnny Harris. For this series, Johnny is producing six 10-15 minute documentaries about different borders stories from around the world.

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