5SOS - Cocktail Chats // Ep.1 5SOS crack vid || funny moments 1 day ago   05:18

We drank cocktails and talked about our new album Youngblood. Here's Cocktail Chats Episode 1.

GET OUR NEW ALBUM YOUNGBLOOD: https://5sosuk.lnk.to/YoungbloodID


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Mary Waters
*cool guy cal, c-dizzle swizzle*
Alexandra Justine Jarvis
How is Luke already tipsy after like less than a glass?
Alexandra Justine Jarvis
*Cool guy Cal* that's it. That's the comment.
Jana Ramy
Luke: I'm always gonna make some stacks
anna xo
the title still makes me cringe idk
Bridget K
Ah, I'm back here again it seems
Noor's Music
Michael is shouting
Mikey and Luke always having some kind of 'who can speak louder' contest. It's so cute.
Kenzee KTO
The start of proving they were adults and not in fact children. We still don’t know the difference because them being drunk make them stupid children😂
f3derica. 95
5sos are already funny when they act "normal" add alcohol and it only gets better and funnier and.. weirder? Love them🤘🏻😂
sl1m th1cc
0:15 i already know this little part of ashon will be something ill laugh about in the middle of class for a week, then show my friends, they won't think it's funny, then it will officially be apart of me.
Still watching this frequently
Also i hate chest hair but Ashton’s an exception
Vio super10
Ash: hello my name is Ashton
Calum: hello my name is Calum, Calum Thomas Hood or Cal
Me: *had a heart attack*
Vio super10
All drunk
Elie Berryman
Australia is my second home and I love that I found out they are true blue Aussies ❤️
Kelli Kocha
I want to get drunk with them
Me: *turns up volume to hear calum*
this got me again. Every Time i watch this...
Still scares me to this day that Calum didn’t even *flinch* when he took the shot at the beginning
İlayda Altıntaş
9876893. time that i'm watching this.😂😂😂❤❤❤
No entiendo nada pero igual los vi todos
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5SOS crack vid || funny moments 5SOS - Cocktail Chats // Ep.1 1 day ago   08:54

» watch in HD
colouring: sunnyvids
program: sony vegas pro 14

» wow it’s been a while since i’ve uploaded!
i know this isn’t what i’d usually upload
but i’m obsessed with all the boys in 5SOS
and wanted to make this funny lil video.
i hope u find it funny too because
i loved making it and if you guys like it
i would love to do a second part!! ps
i know these are mostly 2018 moments and
trust me if i could have made this video 3737
minutes long i would have but i didn’t wanna make it reallllyyyy long, regardless hope u enjoy!!

since so many people have asked here’s a link to the song at the end!:) https://ufl.ae/videow/qzLmZC7bgA0 (when you walk away by 5sos)

edit (dec 30th 2018): I MADE PART 2!! watch here https://ufl.ae/videow/PQBBS_hPVoU

#fanfeedvid #5sos #5sosedit
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