The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 8 Most Arrogrant Larry Bird 2 days ago   09:05

Professor Live
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Special thank you to Court Kingz', Victor and Simon Martinez for making this video possible!

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Play an nba player🏀
Paul Smith
You are amazing and so positive! Keep up the good work! I have much love for you brother. Your ability is a God given gift used to bring people together!
Rock Roll
Professor is the Touzani of basketball
Pin Cushion
The Messi of Basketball
Jin Dollete
Real street hooper
Carlos Dureza
passing is on point
Kyle Koverman
Did anybody see Spiderman in the corner like if you see him
Maroc Akhbar7
the Professor play like messi . but in basketball
Spencer K D
Spencer K D
That deflection off the backboard though and under the legs, right after
Spencer K D
He had to search more than once for that treasure
Spencer K D
DAG! They got sauced I’m Rotego
Spencer K D
That one kid with the haircut like Lamelo has good defense!
Spencer K D
Nice alley
Spencer K D
Kevin Samuel
Why isn't he playing for any NBA teams?
Milan Torres
Heyy professor plss make a video tutorial with dribblings hehe thankyou😊
5:05 - 5:14....just beating a player into submission.
Jingyao Zhang
Anyone knows what shoes the professor’s wearing?
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8 Most Arrogrant Larry Bird The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 2 days ago   10:46


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