The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages Professor Goes To Prison (Full 2 days ago   09:05

Professor Live
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Special thank you to Court Kingz', Victor and Simon Martinez for making this video possible!

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Aidan Ricasa
At 2:59 the song was too perfect for what was happening
5:13 poor guy gave up
Ashton Tyson
Most white people I have seen at a basketball game😂
JB beEpicTV
He should have 10 million subs
Brian Shinkle
Everybody subscribe to Brian shinkle my picture is on my channel
Derrick Pleshe
He probably gives some ppl motion sickness just by watching him
Jason Boron
This dude makes Stockton look like a chump lol.
Jake Balls
Cant he join nba??
Ashton Mccrary
So now we just gon act like spider man wasnt tryin to play defense
Matty P
So humble, after every event professor stays and give's the fans what the want! 💯
Truly enjoyed watching this and laughed a bunch. Really clean dribbling by professor and put on a show
You’re the professor cuz they reach and you teach
Dennis ggg
Alax Akbar
Victor Ortega
Damn professor you ain't had to do em LIKE THAT!!!! zzzzzzDAMN!!! 😂😂👏
If you're so good, why aren't you in the NBA?
Parker Rogers
Lift With Intention
dad meow
Who says professor isnt a real hooper
His control at such a quick pace is most impressive 👍
They prayed for basketball lmao
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Professor Goes To Prison (Full The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 2 days ago   10:37

Also be sure to check out the bonus video with tons of new stuff here:

Im excited for you guys to checkout my trip to prison that 'Prison Fellowship' put together. I went and spoke to prisoners, told them my life story. I got to see their life behind bars for a day up close and of course hooped with them. Stay tuned for the full video next week!

Special thanks to Prison Fellowship for making this visit to prison possible.

This was directed and co-produced by JayLyons Productions([email protected]) and executive produced by Topher Hall (@topherhall)

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