[NEW SEASONAL MISSION] Storm Mercy On Drugs 2 days ago   01:17

Overwatch archive decryption complete. Strike team deployed.
Fight in the streets of Havana as Tracer, Winston, Genji, or Mercy to extract a high-ranking member of the Talon organization and unlock pieces of the past with over 100 items from last year and many new ones鈥攊ncluding highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.
These archives are yours to explore starting April 16.

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Pattitra 123
Random girl from the Overwatch community:
"OMG Gengi and Mercy held hands! Gency confirmed!!!!"
da bawss
I N E E D H E A L I N G !
Jarrod F
馃憣馃徎nice update good stuff Jeff
Envy Man
oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah.
Storm rising did not impress me 10 minutes of gameplay
annie kim
I don't need it,..I don't need it!! I NEED IT!!!!!!!
Pinoy Boi
*TF2 sent a friend request*
David Last
Until this game comes out with a campaign, it's a dead game.
Why are these so limited in time? Imagine how much people would play them if they...weren't? Idk. I kinda feel like I might as well not invest if they go by so quickly.
i like this robot a lot
Nyein Aye Paing
U killed ur self
Golden Guy Martin
I better be able to get in a car chase with someone, or I swear...
Ghost Toast
I forgot this game existed.
Harry Johnson
24 GB UPDATE! Jeeeez
The Flying Clutchman
this is an animated rendition of maximillianmus getting banned from overwatch
Mikey Tsai
ya know what no im not playing until that movie comes out
Kinda wish it wasn't Talon again, kinda ruins it how two are the same.
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Mercy On Drugs [NEW SEASONAL MISSION] Storm 2 days ago   05:35

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