Paw Patrol Skye's BIRTHDAY Animation Paw Patrol Educational Color Video 1 day ago   10:03

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Paw Patrol Skye's Birthday Animation for Kids! In this preschool learning video for kids, let's learn colors, counting, and vehicle names with the Paw Patrol! It's Skye's birthday, and her Paw Patrol pup friends are on a mission - to give Skye a great birthday! Join the Paw Patrol pups, Skye, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, and Rocky as they celebrate Skye's birthday with cake, candles, songs and presents! All the while, we'll teach kids numbers, colors, and the vehicle names for the Paw Patrol pups! This video features extra footage featuring a cool transforming robot and a dance party!

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Diane Nguyen
this one cannot be messed up
shirly mae sacbibit
Rebecca Mc
Marsida Zeneli
Happy birthday Skye
Jaycee Baron
You got the wrong word say like this don't lose it reuse it
sudip das
super sa uper
Andrew Nichols
Thomas tank
Mohammed العلي
Liammj Lego World
Wait so if sky has a house than why doesn’t rubble Chase Marshall Zumba or rocky have a house?
Rubber drinking
Jeremy Sheffer
Ella and Ava Bent
Stig lyng Gjøl Gjøl
Paper Doll Cartoons KIDS
Toys & Play Kids
Great video! ❤️
Armando Torres
Lnkkuh r tyg
Benjamin Salazar
M. M. M
Latyrah Davis
I’m 0(p
Connor Gouck
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Paw Patrol Educational Color Video Paw Patrol Skye's BIRTHDAY Animation 1 day ago   06:43

Toys Toys Toys presents Paw Patrol Color learning video 2 for kids, playing with paw patrol toys is a great way to teach kids and toddlers to learn. In this video we use the paw patrol vehicles to teach colours.

Marshall gets stuck on his way to save the animals. He needs the help of Rubble to remove the different colored slime from the road.
The Paw patrol then drive through a strange forcefield that changes all the colours of their Paw Patrol Vehicles. Marshall, Chase and Rubble need to find a way to get their vehicles back to the correct colours.
Thanks for watching Toys Toys Toys, we hope you enjoyed the video, subscribe for more great fun and educational videos.

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