This Changes RGB Forever Microsoft is Putting Computers in the OCEAN 1 day ago   06:30

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$50 unlike the overpriced logitech $150! Looks like I am converting to corsair!
an led keyboard illuminated allowing me to game with my active shutter glasses on and actually see the keys! I need this to suceed!
Flerger Bergitydersh
Okay, the RGB was cool, but the mouse? That looks SICK.
That’s kinda tight as shit
I just like that with LED density going up we can have more displays that can be seen through, more Daft Punk style visors.
Claus Skov Caspersen
Can they be use as a monitor ? if you put them together
Der Mate
this is probably more interessting for flexible displays than its for lightning ...
Joselito Muller II - não sou o Emanuel
They should just put another LED screen on the computer tower cover and be done with it.
Then at least we can program it make it as pretty as we want without having to touch components.
Am I the only one who twitched when he flexed that module?
In the words of Ian Dury, "What a waste"
Toni Lähdekorpi
Yes, but how much faster does this mak... Oh, f' it...
Very sMoL fengers
Aaron Hoare-Taylor
Can't get the mouse to charge, indicator light doesn't come on. Any ideas?
That anyone would put this much effort into RGB LEDs inside a system is a surprise to be sure,

*but a welcome one*
Duane Ransom
Does anyone else loath wireless mice as I do? Give me a Corsair M65 -ish or a Logitech G502 and I am happy!
thekingof awesomeness
so linus said there would be a link for the mouse but there isnt one so I found it and here it is
''This Changes RGB Forever'' should be a meme!!
leonel salgado
sooooo ..... more rgb, less potencial on computers... check
J Wohl
I wana see those ram stick do black/ green matrix stream.. that would be bad ass.
István Szikra
The only RGB I care about is the ones I'm looking at. And that is my display. I'm not buying PC components, tower to look at it. I want it to work, output to a display that I'm actually looking at.
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Microsoft is Putting Computers in the OCEAN This Changes RGB Forever 1 day ago   05:54

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