Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Fold: Hands-on 2 days ago   06:15

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a $1980 folding phone, but you should think of it as a tablet. In the very first real hands-on video, Dieter Bohn explains what this Android device is all about.

Read more about the Fold here:

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The Verge
What do you want to know for the review? — Dieter
Rudy M
Absolutely terrible 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Sibin Chen
People: Hey Samsung. We need affordable phones!
Samsung: a foldable phone? Gotcha
People: 🤦‍♀️.....
That. Looks. Horrible.
Alex Pana
More than a concept - a failure.
접히는 부분 진짜 신경 쓰인다 ㅋㅋㅋ
Jawad323 Cool
Guess we are going back to the flip phone era.
*slightly smaller screen*
How did you randomly turn black at 3:21
B Mcginnis
Wonder how much longer till they have 48 and 60 month leases on these things... they will never make a new $300 phone that is affordable because nobody would buy the expensive ones since they do the same thing.
Sandro Soares
where is the subtitles? :(
KB Anon
What an awkward size and shape. No interest in this new trend
Benjamin Podiyan
Next Up: Galaxy Origami
uri black
Note to self : Do not Insert clay on Phone
Gábor Tóth
Interesting idea but it's not practical yet. We need quite a few years until the form factor gets slim and handy enough for everyday use. But we have to start somewhere. Think about where regular cell phones started and how far we've come.
Arabella Clark
The screen is not flexible enough.
When a reviewer starts off saying 'its not too bad' constantly, I'm out.
Anthony James
Can't fit it in your pocket? Are you wearing women's pants?
ojek bin kojek
I have no money,, should I sell my kidney to buy this thing?
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Samsung Galaxy Fold: Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: 2 days ago   05:41

We tried out the Galaxy Fold's hinged foldable phone design. With a huge 7.3-inch screen on the inside and a smaller 4.6-inch screen on the outside, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of what a phone should be. Here's everything you need to know about the Fold.

Galaxy Fold unboxing:

Galaxy Fold hands-on: I just tried Samsung's foldable phone IRL and it was amazing:

Galaxy Fold: The Announcement:
Notebook Odyssey: Full Feature Tour:

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