Refugee Cooks: UK aid group helps How this 5-year-old Syrian refugee 1 day ago   01:35

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Millions of refugees have fled war and conflict in their countries. Many have sought a better life in Europe, but it's not always easy to start over. One organisation in the UK is helping by using one of the things that anyone who leaves home never forgets. Angela Murphy explains. #Refugees #UK #Europe

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We brits love foreign food.
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How much dollar worth of gold and other natural resources that The UK, America, and other Western countries have stolen from those Muslim countries of Asia and Africa during past three hundred years? And these refugees are making only $13 per hour salary?
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This is funny to see that these refugees actually moved to The UK that has been oppressing, killing, invading, rapping, and robbering them for past one hundred years or may be more.
New lives? So they are inmigrants not refugees
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How this 5-year-old Syrian refugee Refugee Cooks: UK aid group helps 1 day ago   04:26

We invite you to change his life with an education in school by donating directly to him:

Meet Mohammed - a Syrian refugee who works the streets of Istanbul selling pencils, chocolates, and toys until midnight every day. His smile and charisma put just enough money to help his family through the toughest of times after losing their everything in Syria.

With over 1.5 million school-aged Syrian refugee children living in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, approximately half of them do not have access to formal education. Barriers such as child labor, enrolment requirements, language difficulties, and a lack of support are keeping children out of the classroom. Together, we can change that for 5 year-old Hamoodee, and offer him an education, shelter and food. Providing him with a better future!


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