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Hi fellow dweebs! My name is Jackie and I love crafting geeky diys. I mainly use polymer clay, resin, felt, and soap on my channel, but I love experimenting and having fun! Let's go on this diy crafting journey together ^_^ Remember to #Nerdecrafter on Instagram if you make anything geeky. Also, if you share my videos, you automatically get love and sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ . Business, sponsor, shoutout, or fan mail address (fan mail openings will be opened at the end of some tutorial videos ♥♥): Jackie NerdEcrafter P.o. Box 66041 Chateauguay, Quebec J6K 5B7 Canada Business or collabs: [email protected] *I do not own, or claim to own any of these characters. All rights go to respective owners/companies/producers/authors/etc... These videos are for educational/fun purposes only. NETWORKS PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME. I am not interested.


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