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The NFL and the Denver Broncos are what ThatsGoodSports makes videos about. I try and blend humor into the world of football, and sports talking. During the NFL season you can expect videos about all relevant NFL news, NFL game predictions, football recaps, and a dedication to hating Tom Brady, aka FYTB, on a weekly basis. I'm based in Denver, and many of my videos do focus on the Broncos as they're my favorite team, but don't let that scare you. My analysis is unbiased, except when it isn't, and I try and focus on as many teams across the league as possible. I predict right now that Super Bowl 52 will be won by not the Patriots. You can expect new uploads at least 3 times a week during the offseason, and anywhere between 5-10 videos per week in season. I do post videos after every Broncos game, and pretty much every day during the NFL season.


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