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Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for interesting or forgotten videos from all over the Internet and put them all in one video. I upload 3-4 times a week to keep video quality high. HONEST CLICKBAIT ONLY. Q: How long does it take to make a video? A: Each video takes about 4 hours to edit and voice over. The editing is the easy part. The hard part is finding high quality clips that are not copyrighted. 90% of the viral videos you see today are all owned by one company. Asking for permission takes time as well. That can take a few days sometimes. People always under-estimate how difficult that is. -------- Q: Why do you sound so depressed? A: Because I am -------- Q: Why do you steal people's videos? A: People submit videos to me and I also ask people for permission to use their videos. -------- Want your video featured on this channel? Email them to [email protected]


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