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Hello there, my name is Caya. I am a digital animator, as in the guys who make this stuff. This means that I took a lot of design, and photography, and video editing classes. It also means I’m a geek. In 2012 I dropped out of college and started a mobile gaming company, and it failed. Then I started another company, Slidebean, and you might have heard of that. I still work there, I’m the CEO which means I do marketing, and team management, and legal, and accounting, and taxes, and a bit of everything. My girlfriend gave me a scratch map for my birthday, and I have challenged myself to scratch all of it before I turn 60, which is not an easy task, of course- but I’m starting in the Himalaya. Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of seeing the tallest mountain in the world with my own eyes- and I intend to visit Everest Base Camp in 2020.


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