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We select the best of the best from Russia's excellent but little-known (outside Russia) top news programs. 1st class journalists in the most important countries, war hotspots, and world capitals. Intelligent, insightful commentary from Russia’s brightest minds. World-class original documentaries and film-making. Russia puts enormous resources into political news reporting around the world and at home. The quality is often excellent, surpassing what Western TV networks are able to do. Russian military correspondents are the best in the world, period, and can often go where their Western colleagues cannot. If you find RT valuable, this is a great addition - reflecting the most popular political shows in Russia, what 10s of millions of Russians see. This is the official channel of the main TV news channels of the largest media holding in Russia, the state-owned VGRTK. Tune in to their biggest stars - Dmitry Kiselyov, Sergey Brilyov, Yevgenyi Poddubnyi, Andrey Kondrashov.


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