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Greeting from PetFinder Channel! Do you know? there are many stray dogs in The World that spent life in the wood, on the street and their lives are really in risky. Rescuers and many kindhearted people in The World have worked hard together to rescue them and thousand life have been saved. We need people do more to be kind for all innocent animals not just in The World but around the world. CHANGING THE WORLD! We will upload the stories OF animals rescued and we do hope all the videos would be the best of inspiration, motivation stories to people around the world to pay more attention to save animals from being stray, homeless, neglected, abused or from difficult condition to give them better life and love. May God bless all rescuers and everyone who always saved animals from any situation and we pray for all animals. Enjoy with Slime video and Subscribe to watch new video everyday: Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwPeW9kFId5-VbQ2LQEjVhg?sub_confirmation=1


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