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People are slowly starting to wake up...and I am going to accelerate it. I seek truth and combine research, logic, intuition & humor to "synthesize" information for you in my own down-to-earth way. This is just the beginning of my channel...I have a long term vision, and will connect the dots on many different topics as I improve and build this channel. The truth is found with an open mind and the truth is literally stranger than fiction. Help support my effort to expose truth: https://www.patreon.com/BrightInsight About Jimmy: - Independent researcher - Former Corporate Theft/Fraud Investigator - Army/Iraq war vet who woke up to the SCAM (Iraq, Afghanistan & War in general) Education: - MBA, then left corp. America in disgust - Bachelor of Communication & Sociology, Minor: Religious Studies - Thousands of hours of research and experimentation in subjects such as, Intuition, Philosophy, Spirituality, Lost Ancient Human Civilization, Corruption, and legitimate examples of Conspiracy.


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