Keep Your Daydream

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Entertaining & Informative RV Travel brought to you every Sunday at 7pm Central. This channel is about making dreams happen. Starting small now is better starting big later. Join the KYD Community and start binging! 📍Season 5: Alaska 🏜Season 4: The Southwest 🇨🇦 Season 3: West Coast & British Columbia 🇲🇽 Season 2: Mexico! 🇺🇸 Season 1: The United States Hello, we’re Marc & Tricia & we’re glad you’re here! After years of waiting for the right scenario or the ideal time, we decided to trade-in our “perfect dream” for what we were actually able to do right now. That was three countries, thirty-eight states and over 80,000 miles ago! We searched every channel on YouTube to find inspiration. It seemed like everyone “sold everything” or had unlimited money. What about the people that enjoyed their life, but were ready for a change? Ditch the perfect dream and join KYD in taking the first step toward your new adventure!


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