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WHO ARE WE? We are a 2 curious nerds that love machines, technology, & history. There are countless fascinating stories around us, and far too many will go untold. Our curiosity compels us to bring you otherwise unheard of stories, one at a time. Sometimes fun, sometimes practical, but always entertaining. WHY DO WE NEED YOUR HELP? Researching topics, writing scripts, recording voiceovers, editing videos, modeling & animation are all very time consuming, not to mention expensive. As a result, we often go into debt before a video is even published. Your patronage will go towards investment in deeper research, better tools & assets, resulting in a higher quality presentation and more compelling content. REACHING OUR DREAM We currently do this in addition to our day jobs, and as a result, we put out less content than our crazy brains can conjure. With your support, the two of us might just be able to reach our dream of doing this full time. Chris & Ricky


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