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Welcome to Gonews Youtube Page! We are Located Belgium, Europe. Providing you the daily Latest Breaking news reports, geopolitical events and documentaries. with all the perspective giving you the viewer, the opportunity to widen their view. GONEWS shares this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. We don't encourage any political stand or any other actions. Not Funded, No Co-op, No ties GONEWS doesn't allow reproduction of any upload/report! Need a GONEWS report or Footage? Contact GONEWS on: [email protected] Browse the channel,Join and Subscribe, Share our reports! Find and Follow GONEWS on our Website on all social media platforms! "The appearance of UNFEED, E.U. WH, OTAN, DOD visual information does not, imply or constitute any mentioned before endorsement." "UNFEED written permision as on all other PD footage"


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