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OUR FIGHTS ARE 100% LEGAL IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA.. STREETBEEFS founder SCARFACE was the focus of the NEW YORK TIMES documentary titled GUNS TO GLOVES, wich can be seen in the link below,and has also appeared on 3 different TV shows. After years of watching people in my area severly hurt each other over various disputes, I decided to offer a solution. Come to SATANS BACKYARD and put gloves on to settle your dispute. No guns,No knives,No gang of friends jumping in. Just you, your Foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. I've settled hundreds of disputes in our area with this method, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining my viewers. SOME FIGHTS ARE PURELY FOR SPORT, some are REAL beef, and ALL are entertaining. Streetbeefs fighters form a bond with each other, and develope lasting friendships, and I take pride in providing a safer outlet for aggressive young men and women to solve disagreements without killing each other or going 2 jail


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