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Hi, I'm Alpharad. I like playing games! I also enjoy making videos for you all! You guys are the reason I'm still doing this and it's an incredible feeling to be able to have fun with a video and to see people have fun watching it. I appreciate every single one of you for you all have changed my life so much more than you realize. I started taking film classes in high school, then arts camps, and then college classes. I eventually changed my major so I wouldn't spoil my hobby as a career, so I then turned to YouTube as a new outlet for video editing. All of my YouTube series, momentum, and fan base all happened on accident on the faithful day when I tried to test my new HD Video Capture, but I've never looked back since. :) So thank you to all of you; you're the reason I do this. I've always wanted to entertain, so I hope you consider what I'm doing "entertainment."


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