John Boyer

Joined: Feb ,2013
My purpose for this channel is as a type of "Kilroy was here" meme. A way of saying I was here at this time and place and moment in history. I've been diagnosed as terminally ill with less than a year to live. The videos I'm posting to this channel are simply the things I've always loved and will regret not being able to see develop to their complete fruition. There is no monetization or profit in any way and upon my passing this channel will (as offered by You Tube) become memorialized and available only to friends and family. So that the videos don't disappear over time due to deletion from their original post by their original copyright holders, I've copied and reposted them here under the "Safe Harbor" act to preserve them. If you are a copyright holder and don't wish to be a part of this memorial simply request the removal and it shall be done. My hope is that the channel will in time (to my descendants) be like looking at an old photo album from the turn of the century!


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