Emile Ghessen

Joined: Jan ,2014
A British video journalist/documentary maker who severed 12 years as an Elite Royal Marines Commando seeing action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Working in a high tempo environment has shaped Emile into who he is. "As a military man, you don't question the reasons why, you just follow orders and execute your mission to the best of your ability. This is what the military do." In 2015 Emile decided to buy a camera, with no experience in filming he headed out to Iraq and Syria to follow western volunteers that were heading out to fight ISIS. Since then Emile has filmed with many Kurdish groups and followed refugees taking the hazardous journey to Europe. "Moving around solo between frontlines on my own has its dangers. But I believe in the importance of showing people the truth to complex situations." Documentary Robin Hood Complex - https://vimeo.com/242978356 Latest project, Robin Hood Complex - Ukraine. A documentary focusing on international volunteers fighting in the conflict.


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