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Joined: May ,2017
With modern journalistic objectivity and accuracy taking a beating we have decided to create our own REPORTERFY network! During this ongoing media war it’s time to join forces in a quest to find the real truth, real facts, and real stories. Meet our rapidly expanding network of freelance journalists and professional vloggers! We are a group of IAPP accredited journalists, an independent, internationally active association of top-class researchers and reporters.MSM (Mainstream Media) is old news. The big-name tabloids are dated. Political agendas, sloppy reporting, and fake news is floating to the surface. As such, we have identified there a major shift in digital media platforms. Our goal is to bring you objective news interviews and travel vlogs from all around the world. We have an open platform to express free speech, report real events, and channel creative energy through a vast variety of topics. Follow us on Twitter @ReporterfyMedia or our website www.reporterfy.media


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