Taylor Ray

Joined: Jan ,2016
If it has wheels.... we will slide it! Drifting, hooning, and shenanigans straight out of central Florida! I'm relatively new to YouTube, but I'm excited to show you guys all the awesome stuff that goes down, and try to teach a thing or two about drifting. Some future videos that I have in mind are... --How to drift videos from learning to do circle, all the way to how to tap someones door in tandem. -How to build a drift car from a beginner 240sx all the way up to pro-am level car. -Shop Shenanigans everytime I go to my friends shop which is quite often, we always end up doing something, whether it be drifting legit track cars, to a grand marquis, to going mudding in the lot near by or burning whatever we can find at the shop (Keegan's a pyro). It's always a great time. Subscribe for more and let me know what you would like to see and we will try to make it happen! Thanks for watching!


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